EVEN: Think Before Speaking CD Italian Hard Rock / A.O.R. Rare 2004 Self produced. Check all samples


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Hard Rock / a.o.r from Italy. 2004 Self produced album for fans of Royal Hunt, Ten, Fair Warning, Survivor, Styx, Kansas.

Samples (bad sound quality but, hey, at least you get a rough idea):

Category: Dark-AOR / Melodic Heavy Metal
Year: 2003
Label: Blue Studios Recordings (Italy)
Catalog Number: 5621497

Diego Della Novella Guitars
Paulo Franca Cinza Keyboards And Sequencing
Alex Girotti Drums
Dave Dell’Orto Vocals
Simone Sniper Pesenti Gritti Bass

1. The Abyss 04:17
2. IX 04:25
3. Fireflies 04:07
4. The Storm Is Over 04:14
5. Hollow Music 04:14
6. Surrender 03:35
7. Deserts Of Light 04:02
8. Sickness 05:14
9. Ice 04:52
10. Don’t Rely On Me 04:19

Total Running Time: 43:19

Even come from Italy and play heavy metal. The particularity of this band come from its music which sound even if we are in 2004 more like the one of the bands of the 80’s than anything else. If you like, Hair metal, and Melodic Heavy Metal, I’m sure that “”Think Before Speaking”” could be interesting for you.

The music of Even is clearly oriented in the lines of the music of the 80’s. If you like “”old”” Heavy Metal and more particularly Hair Metal, I’m sure that you could like “”Think Before Speaking””. With a ton of great guitars solo for a music more than melodic all that in general with middle tempo, a good singer and of course good melodies, we can find some interesting songs in this album. There is for example some keyboards on some songs like “”IX”” could remind me Europe with their particularly “”oldie”” sound. In this album, you could find basic melodic Hard Rock songs, but also some great ballads like “”Don’t Rely On Me””.

“”Think Before Speaking”” is a good and honest album.

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