EUROPE: Out of this World 4 sided 2LP (Double vinyl – DIFFERENT COVER) w. interviews. RARE PROMO ONLY Autographed / Signed


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For die hard EUROPE fans, for those who are on the look out for really rare items of this amazing band.

Rare original 2LP promo! The first LP has the entire album with instrumental beds in between the songs for radio DJ use. The second LP contains a Europe Yesterday collage, Promos & Intros, and cool Interview clips with Europe! All packaged in a nice gatefold jacket with a discography and a photo of the band printed on the inside! The jacket also features an alternate cover!

1. instrumental bed
2. Superstitious
3. instrumental bed
4. Let the Good Times Rock
5. instrumental bed
6. Open Your Heart
7. instrumental bed
8. More Than Meets The Eye
9. instrumental bed
10. Coast to Coast
11. instrumental bed
12. Ready or Not

1.instrumental bed
2. Sign of the Times
3.instrumental bed
4. Just the Beginning
5.instrumental bed
6. Never Say Die
7.instrumental bed
8. Lights and Shadows
9.instrumental bed
10. Tower Calling
11.instrumental bed
12. Tomorrow

Europe Yesterday Collage
Promos & Intros
Interview Clips With Europe

Interview Clips With Europe ”

Out of This World is the fourth studio album by the Swedish rock band Europe. Released on 9 August 1988 through Epic Records, the album was a huge commercial success selling over 1 million units in the United States alone, peaking at number 19 on the US Billboard 200 chart and reaching high positions in charts worldwide. It was recorded at Olympic Studios, London, England.
Six singles were released from the album: “Superstitious”, “Open Your Heart”, “Let the Good Times Rock”, “More Than Meets the Eye”, “Sign of the Times” and “Tomorrow”

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