ETERNAL LIES: Spiritual Deception CD Fast melodic death metal from Sweden. Check audio (whole album, every song)


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Fast melodic death metal from Varberg, Sweden. The debut album “Spiritual Deception” is recently released and got great reviews so far. This album has everything that you can expect from a Swedish Melodic Death Metal band. Good sound production, Good melodies, Good musicianship, basically everything. If your a fan of bands such as Ablaze My Sorrow, At the Gates, Eucharist, Gates of Ishtar, Sacrilege etc., you will be a fan of Eternal Lies and “Spiritual Deception”

5.0 out of 5 stars Brutal Melodic Death Metal!, )
This is an amazing band. Take the melodic guitar attack of In Flames (speed it up a ton), add machine gun fast double bass and blast beats, and put an amazing venomous voice over it all and you have Eternal Lies. This is definitely a band every metal head should know about. I wonder if they are still together? It would be a shame, cuz after getting this album, I was foaming at the mouth for another offering of super fast, brutal melodic death metal.

1. Leaving Only Me 3:41
2. Consecrate Life 4:08
3. Newborn Sunrise 4:05
4. Poems 4:26
5. Evaporate 4:27
6. Winter Breeze 4:39
7. A Memory of Lies 3:20
8. By the Hands of the Architect 3:28
9. Addicted to Fire 3:52
10. Divided 6:03

5.0 out of 5 stars Old school melodic death metal,
2002’s Spiritual Deception is the debut (and only) album from now-defunct Swedish death metal band Eternal Lies. For fans of the original Gothenburg sound, Eternal Lies is a real treat. Unlike Soilwork, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, who have taken their sounds in new directions, Eternal Lies seems to have decided that the At the Gates formula wasn’t broke, so they weren’t going to fix it.

Spiritual Deception is a sharp, fast, brutal, but still melodic death metal album. Speed is emphasized over melody, with thrashing riffs and machine gun drumming, giving it a great aggressive edge. It’s still melodic, but At the Gates melodic, not Soilwork melodic. I hear a lot of similarities to Gallery-era Dark Tranquillity and especially Dimension Zero. It’s just a fierce melodic death metal album from a band that should have breathed new life into a tired scene.

It’s a shame this band couldn’t stay together. Spiritual Deception is a fantastic melodic death metal album and it would have been great to see more from the band. Fans of At the Gates, Dimension Zero and early In Flames, Arch Enemy and Dark Tranquillity should definitely give this album a try. Sadly, they just don’t make `em like this anymore.

5.0 out of 5 stars Crazy This is an awesome album. Metal-heads rejoice!!!

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