END ZONE: First Bequest CD. Progressive Thrash Metal – Death Metal. Really well done. Check all samples


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This band had a short, but very impressive career. Their début is a striking effort, with brilliant very technical guitar work, not too far from later period Death, although here the death metal elements are not too many; this is mostly power/thrash with a strong technical edge and gruff death metal vocals, which are not very pleasant, and do not serve the great music right.

The music is mostly mid-paced, with a couple of effective speedy outbursts: “”S.O.D.””, “”Ulterior Solitude””. All this is overshadowed by the exquisite instrumental “”The Edge Of String”” – a whirlwind of amazing guitar work. Later you will hear a nice, more technical and atmospheric cover version of Sodom’s “”Remember The Fallen””.

Another super technical instrumental follows suit: “”Candlestick Of Parcass””, and then another, which is quiet, semi-acoustic: “”The Castle Of The Woman Of Mine””, all this finished with a very original joke song called “”Rock’n’Roll””, which mixes a jolly rock-ish melody with vicious brutal riffs.

The album includes 13 compositions.
The music: fast, middle-tempo and occasionally slow but at any speed it was artistically performed and arranged. It was aggressive, hard but shrouded in melody.
The vocals are probably the most outrageous on this particular album. They are harsh and distorted and dramatic feelings are being brought to the listener through the lyrics which mostly dwell upon very personal and not always positive emotions. However the music speaks for itself and it manages to bring forth the most important- the beauty. Even where the lyrics and the whole atmosphere of the song explores the utter darkness, it is always with the touch of beauty that the listener will always enjoy.

1. From the Distance 2. Conqueror’s Night 3.Dangerous Gift 4. Ulterior Solitude 5. Oblivion Flow 6. S.O.D. 7. The Edge of String 8. Questions With No Answer 9. Remember the Fallen 10. Candlestick of Parcass 11.Last Hope 12. The Castle 13. Rock`n`roll**

End Zone ?- First Bequest
Label: ???? – SZCD 0426-95, Metalagen Records – SZCD 0426-95
Format: CD, Album
Country: Russia
Released: 1995
Genre: Thrash, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Technical Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal
1 From The Distance
Written-By – Hamri , Lobanov*
2 Conqueror Night
Written-By – Norbream*, Lobanov*
3 Dangerous Gift
Written-By – Hamri , Lobanov*
4 Ulterior Solitude
Written-By – Nordream, Lobanov*
5 Oblivion Flow
Music By – Senkin*
6 S.O.D. (Spirits Of The Dead)
Lyrics By – Edgar Poe*
Written-By – Lobanov*
7 The Edge Of String
Music By – Mishin*
8 Questions With No Answer
Written-By – Hamri , Lobanov*
9 Remember The Fallen
Written-By – Chris Witchhunter, Frank Blackfire, Tom Angelripper
10 Candlestick Of Parcass
Music By – Senkin*
11 Last Hope Of Suffered Soul
Written By – Klimov
Written-By – Lobanov*
12 The Castle Of Woman Of Mine
Music By – Mishin*
13 Rock ‘N’ Roll
Written-By – Hamri , Lobanov*, Mishin*

Arranged By – Igor Obanov*, Oleg Mishin*
Artwork [Cover Art Work] – Stas Opletin*
Bass – Roman Senkin*
Design [Computer Graphics Design] – Soyuz Design Group
Drums – Valeri Dedov*
Engineer – Vitaly Dubinin*, Vladimir Holstinin*, Evgeny Trushin*
Engineer [Roady Sound Engineer] – Andrey “”Bush”” Kustov*
Executive-producer – Agen Price
Guitar [Solo], Keyboards, Flute – Oleg Mishin*
Producer – Igor Obanov*
Producer [Drums Sound Producer] – Evgeny Trushin*
Remastered By [Digital Remastering] – A. Subbotin*
Typography [End Zone Logo Design] – Sergey Davidov
Vocals, Guitar, Producer – Igor Lobanov*

Recorded at ARIA Records studio in feb.’ 95
SZCD 0426-96 dcm 16013011
Made In Sweden
Barcode: none

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