ELIXIR: Lethal Potion LP in mint condition. 1990. CLIVE BURR Iron Maiden drummer. N.W.O.B.H.M. Check sample


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10 track album in absolute mint condition

label: Sonic Records 1990 , SONIC LP9
pressing: UK
extras, comments: w. lyric inner sleeve, feat. Clive Burr (formerly in Iron Maiden)
style: post N.W.O.B.H.M


Paul Taylor (V)
Phil Denton (G)
Norman Gordon (G)
Mark White (B)
Clive Burr (D) (formerly in Iron Maiden)

1. She’s Got It
2. Sovereign Remedy
3. Llagaeran

4. Louise
5. Shadows Of The Night
6. All Together Again
7. Light In Your Heart
8. Visions Of Darkness
9. Edge Of Eternity
10. Last Rays Of The Sun

Plus inner sleeve.

On the face of it Elixir are a fine band playing above average British Metal with extended lead breaks for either one or both of the guitarists.