ELENIUM: Them used Gods CD Rare ltd to 500 copies. Melodic Death Metal from Finland. Check all samples


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Type: official Demo, straight from the band.
Release date: 2002
Label: Independent
CD Limitation: 500 copies
1. DemiGodLike 05:08
2. Outside View 04:14

3. Inbred Infinity 04:58

This Finnish band started out in the autumn of ’95. During their existence they’ve recorded two demo’s and a single and appeared on several compilations, yet they haven’t been signed. Why? Don’t ask me why. Go bother label owners with that question, as they’re the one that apparently are missing out on a good opportunity. Elenium plays a melodic form of death metal that is heavily keyboard-orientated and contains quite some references to heavy metal and a certain groove to it that is vocally guided by a grunt that sometimes shifts to a clear voice. As influences and/or directives I think that Opeth, fellow country bands Children Of Bodom, Amorphis, Kalmah and Ayreon can be named, though the band isn’t as brutal as for instance Kalmah and not quite as complex as Ayreon. Elenium’s music mainly focusses on a mid-pace speed that includes a lot of slow(er) passages and an occasional increase of speed. The songs are written very well and each of these three tracks tells it’s own story, which reflects through the music. Elenium transforms their feelings and emotions to music and in their case they really succeed in finding the suitable music. Especially the keyboard plays an important role, not meaning that all other instruments are of lesser importance of course. They create melodies in which darkness, despair and yet also happiness all come together and become almost tangible. The music also has the tendency to stick in your brain as it contains parts that sound very recognisable and fresh. Especially the melody line in the last song entitled “”Inbred Infinity”” really is just great and points out Elenium’s musical skills concerning writing songs. Actually all of their music has got a fresh approach. Mystical and adventurous music that takes you on a journey, yonder to places only few living souls have seen. Even the moderate use of clear vocals, though not really original, brings some little extra in the music and to top it off the production is very good and righteous to the music. I advice you to check it out yourself!”

One Of The Best Melodic Death Metal Bands!!! expand your “music horizons” and listen to them. This band has   talent.

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