EKSESIF: Overclocking CD Death / Hardcore Brutal from France. Check sample


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Death / Hardcore Brutal from France. EKSESIF from France play some very weird hybrid of music. An almost SLAYER like atmosphere musically (early), with a bit hardcor-ish vocals sounds like a twisted version of TANKARD. VERY claustrophobic. The production is clean as hell but as far as the end result concerning the volume and the bass. Some vocals during some choruses sound a bit like LINKIN PARK. Acid burn is quite a groovy number, Time is pretty good too, Bleed is whiny but OK and Vile a bit like S.O.A.D in places but with the bands unique sound- always. Good for people that like experimental hybrids.
1. XS – 02:29
2. Time 03:31
3. Nani Muti 03:54
4. Mistake 03:28
5. Sa? – Ko 03:11
6. Bleed 03:31
7. Zamal 03:08
8. Speedway 03:22
9. Vile 04:52
10. Violen’z 04:07
11. Acid Burn 05:37
12. – IF 03:37
Total playing time 44:49

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