EIGHTPOINTFOUR: Blue Line CD RARE & limited, only 100 ever printed. A cross between Tool, Fear the Clown, U2, Incubus. Check audio


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SAMPLES: http://archive.org/details/iuma-eight_point_four

1 Broken Glass
2 Closer        http://chirb.it/p76ewE
3 Unwanted
4 Why Do You Run
5 Familier
6 Blue Line
Containing a powerful balance between darkness and beauty, EightPointFour brilliantly combines melody & aggression to create an invigorating, yet charming soundscape. Comparable to a cross between Tool, Fear the Clown, U2 and Incubus. More succinctly, that influence of stark emotion and corrosive instrumentals has been refined into a quixotic equation by east coasters EightPointFour. This quartet regiments melody with dreary overtones to script passionate aural soul searches on their promising release]


Eight Point Four first appeared on the DC/MD/VA rock scene in January 2001. The band was formed by four musicians with diverse and unique influences, but with a shared creative focus. Their styles and song writing melded almost immediately, and by late February managed to schedule a weekend in the studio with producer Frank Marchand (Nothingface, Live Alien Broadcast, Jimmies Chicken Shack, Good Charlotte, Click). The resulting 5-song EP landed the group a spot as the only unsigned band on a 99.1 WHFS compilation CD, released in late April. The featured song was “Unwanted” , which showcases Eight Point Four s unique ability to seamlessly combine lighter melodic song writing with darker, heavier, and more intense styles of music. 98 Rocks Matt Davis has put another song, “Lifeless,” into regular rotation on his weekly local music show “Noise in the basement”. Eight Point Four completed a new 5-song EP in November 2001, which was scheduled for release in December. They are continuing to play in as many venues as possible around D.C. and Baltimore in support of the new CD, which should establish Eight Point Four as one the Mid-Atlantics most ground-breaking hard rock acts.

EightPointFour: Blue Line (Independent) EightPointFours Blue Line is a 6-song EP that showcases the bands vast diversity. Whether its using intricate harmonies on Broken Glass and Blue Line, or straight up rocking on entries like Closer and Familiar, the group has no problem switching gears. Especially interesting is the use of Brian Millers guitar effects, as they effortlessly frame Marcus Paul Klavan’s urgent vocals. A strong rhythm section of Jason Ross (bass) and Marc Mathis rounds off the convincing sound. The final arrow in their quiver is the fact that it was produced and mixed by Frank Marchand at the controls and that’s always a good sign.

Marcus Klavan: Vocals
Marc Mathis: Drums
Jason Ross: Bass,Vox
Brian Miller: Guitars


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