EIDOLON: Coma Nation CD PROMO. With ex Megadeth second guitarist + Megadeth band members. from Toronto Canada. Check video


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Having both been in King Diamond together, Glen and Andy LaRocque are good friends. Andy has done some guest lead work for Eidolon as well.

EIDOLON: Coma Nation

SAMPLES:    www.allmusic.com/album/coma-nation-mw0000742300

Canadian EIDOLON have made a big step forward by recruiting a new vocalist, who clearly shadows his predecessor, who always had been the weak point of this band. You could describe the new voice as mixture of Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH) & Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR), his variable voice fits the EIDOLON-sound just perfectly.It gives killer-tracks like the thrashy opener “Coma Nation” (FORBIDDEN-riffing, up- tempo) or the following double-bass-monster “Life In Agony” just more life. After that we only get great songs en masse, no fillers, just purest and finest steel! Songs like “The Pentacle Star” or “Lost Voyage” are the two best EIDOLON-songs so far, no doubt about it, before “Within The Gates” hands out the full force at the end again. This long track can only be called ingenious, this brilliant opening riff is God! But also the following guitar-salves are not from this world! Especially the twin-guitar-solos. This album has no weakness, the songs are varied, you get it all from fast to stomping, everything that modern Metal-music has to offer.

Nemesis Coma Nation Scarred The Pentacle Star Lost Voyage Hunt You Down Life In Agony From Below A Day Of Infamy Within The Gates
Official videoclip of this Canadian thrash metal band. With Glen Drover on guitars (Ex-Megadeth) and Shaun Drover on drums (Megadeth). This song is from their “Coma Nation” album (2002).

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best metal albums of all time.
Yes that is a bold statement!! But for me, its in my top 5 albums of all time, and I have over 300 metal cds.
Eidolon are a Canadian band, whose founding members are Shawn and Glen Drover, two brothers, who are the brains behind the music. Eidolon play aggressive heavy metal with strong power and thrash influences. The singing is usually mid/high range so fans of Halford, and any good metal singers will appreciate the singing on this CD.

Coma Nation is Eidolons fifth studio release and it is definitely the best. Firstly, the production is top class and sounds better than any metal cd I have ever heard. Everything is so clear, the guitars have so much gain and the drums are very clear and audible. Secondly, the songs are great and the album as a whole fits together so well. The title track is the first song on the album ( excluding the intro ) and is a ripping thrash song, the fastest on the album. The tempos of each song differ so it sounds fresh and not monotonous.

Anyone into Aggressive power metal, heavy metal and even thrash should check Eidolon and in particular, Coma Nation out. their website is […]

5.0 out of 5 stars In the art of metal
This guys have a lot of great melodies, i can be sure that if you buy this album won’t be disappointed.
The opening track “nemesis” is a very beautiful guitar based instrumental song. Then after the aggression of a Thrash/power metal band comes into scene. Track after track the bands take you into a world of darkness and pain, but this album is not a concept album, reason why that is so brilliant every song is a him to melancholy and sadness or even strength and courage to live.
This album has everything you would want in a good metal album, excellent musicianship and anger, pain, sadness and hope.
Don’t think it to much it worth the money.

Armed with a new vocalist, Eidolon has unleashed Coma Nation, but nothing has really changed from the last couple of offerings; they still play Thrashy Power Metal. When I say Power Metal, please don’t think symphonic keys and tales about fairyland. This is hard hitting, crushing, and neck breaking Power Metal folks, plain and simple.

The riffs are very heavy, not to mention choppy (in typical Thrash fashion) at times. The tone is dirty, feeling more akin to, once again, Thrash Metal. So why is this not considered pure Thrash Metal then? For one, Eidolon does use a decent amount of melody, both in the guitars and especially the vocals. Much like the former vocalist, Pat Mulock brings a highly melodic and somewhat high singing voice to the mix. Likewise, the way the songs are structured is very similar to US Power Metal. Instead, you could almost say that Eidolon have a bit of an epic feel, due in part to progressive song writing elements, riff changes, and soaring vocals that also create a unique feel. There is more than one song on Coma Nation that clocks in at over 6 minutes, including the monster closing track, “Within The Gates” which is 18:46 of epic and devastating Metal. Eidolon also change things up quite a bit, providing us with speedy neck breakers in the form of the title track and “A Day Of Infamy”, which is full of double bass, and then the mid-paced to fast riff heavy tracks, such as “Life In Agony” and “Scarred” also show up in abundance. Almost all songs do have fast sections, but Eidolon now tend to focus more on build up and mid-paced riffs turned into fast, choppy runs- a contrast to the overall speedier feel of past releases. Like I said, Eidolon really haven’t slowed down, they just place their faster sections, in general, more sparingly, but nevertheless equally as successfully.

Production wise, things worked out very well. The tone and of the guitars is excellent, with the bass and drums being at a nice volume- the bass drums are especially powerful. One very minor complaint, however, is the snare drum tends to blend in a little too much with the bass drum, but once the riffs take control you’re too busy head banging to notice. The new vocalist is quite successful, but to be honest there isn’t that much of a difference from the last one. While his singing style works well, I would like to perhaps hear some more rough sounding sections, not necessarily a death growl, maybe something like what Matt Barlow from Iced Earth occasionally uses. I think it would fit well with the more raw sound of the band. On the final track “Within The Gates” we do hear some Death growls and in my opinion they are very successful! Furthermore, I enjoyed the acoustic sections, especially on “The Pentacle Star”, and this feature coupled with some other factors (mostly song writing style and vocal melodies) also reminds me of the latest offering from Destiny’s End. The guitar work is also very impressive, which goes without saying.

Overall I was pleased with Coma Nation. I had very high expectations for this CD, and while the band didn’t quite reach them, they came very close. In fact, after the first couple of songs I was ready to come to the conclusion that while Coma Nation would be a quality listen, they would leave me somewhat disappointed based from their Nightmare World release specifically. But with that said, once the rest of the disc was spun, my opinion quickly changed as things really start picking up the further you get into the track listing. The brilliance and talent of this band is undeniable, but you know what, I think they can do even better, perhaps with their next release they will become the band that I believe they can become. So with that being said, Coma Nation’s combination of crushing guitars, progressive qualities, melodic vocals, unique lyrics and atmosphere should please all but the most finicky Power Metal fans.

Song highlights: Coma Nation, Life Of Agony, A Day Of Infamy, Hunt You Down, From Below, and Within The Gates

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