Eddie MONEY: Nothing to Loose LP PROMO 1988. God of AOR. Check videos Walk on Water, The Love in Your Eyes, Let Me


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Eddie Money is an American rock singer-songwriter who found success in the 1970s and 1980s with a string of Top 40 hits and platinum albums. His musical style is characterised by his recognisable vocals and memorable melodies, and his numerous MTV music videos during the 1980s Nothing to Lose is Eddie Money seventh album, released in 1988. The top-ten hit “Walk on Water” featured a guest appearance from original band member Jimmy Lyon on lead guitar. Eddie would never have had that hot rock sound without the GUITAR GOD JIMMY LYON. Go way back to songs like Feels So Good to be In Love Again, Life for the Taking, etc.,all those sweet guitar riffs come straight from the genius that is JIMMY. Eddie has the pipes, no doubt, but I always have to give props to Jimmy. Very under rated.

Walk on Water – 4:43 (Jesse Harms)
“”Magic”” – 4:41 (Harms, Money, Richie Zito)

The Love in Your Eyes – 4:09 (David Paul Bryant, Steve Dubin, Adrian Gurvitz)

Let Me In – 4:58 (Paul Gordon/Dennis Matkosky)
“”Boardwalk Baby”” – 5:08 (Diane Warren)
“”Forget About Love”” – 4:43 (Todd Cerney, Money, Tom Whitlock, Zito)
“”Pull Together”” – 4:46 (Dean Merino)
“”Far Cry from a Heartache”” – 4:40 (Cerney, Money, Whitlock, Zito)
“”Bad Boy”” – 3:26 (Greg Lowry, Money)
“”Dancing with Mr. Jitters”” – 4:37 (Money, John Nelson)

“”Walk on Water”” (1988) #9 US
“”The Love in Your Eyes”” (1989) #24 US
“”Let Me In”” (1989) #60 US

Drums: Michael Baird
Bass: John Pierce
Keyboards, Synthesizers: Kim Bullard, Kevin Gilbert, Jesse Harms, Eddie Money, Richie Zito
Guitars: Steve Farris, Tom Girvin, Jimmy Lyon, John Nelson, Steve Salas, Richie Zito
Saxophone: Danny Hull, Eddie Money, David Woodford
Harmonica: Eddie Money
Backing Vocals: Bobbie Eakes, Joe Esposito, Tommy Funderburk, Donny Gerrard, Joe Pizzulo, John Rowe, Annie Sampson, Bruce Sudano, Julia Tillman-Waters, Joe Turano, Luther Waters, Oren Waters, Maxine Willard-Waters

Produced By Eddie Money & Richie Zito

COVER of “Let Me” in by Laura Branigan

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