EAST WEST BLAST TEST Chris Dodge / Dave Witte (Slap a Ham Records) CD. 27 song Grindcore, Avantgarde assault. Check whole album (audio)


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Style: Grindcore, Avantgarde

1 Toga
2 Magnetic Field
3 Remoras On Tiger Shark
4 Chopsticks
Vocals [Additional] -Lydia Dodge
5 Felling Ax
6 Swiss Alphorn
7 Fez
8 Wigwam
9 Pyramids
10 Crossbow
11 Agouti
Vocals [Additional] -Lydia Dodge
12 Parts Of A Pipe
13 Baboon
Vocals [Additional] -Gary Niederhoff
14 Fillip
15 Whiffletres
16 Retort
17 Beaver
18 Portuguese Man-Of-War
19 Discus
Vocals [Additional] -Gary Niederhoff
20 Garden Hos
21 Afro
22 Trampoline
23 Turban
24 Backhand Stroke
25 Cuts Of Pork
26 Beret
27 Puttes
Vocals [Additional] -Gary Niederhoff
Drums, Producer -Dave Witte
Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Producer -Chris Dodge
Saxophone -Erik Hoagland

“”East West Blast Test”” is a 27 song assault that is guaranteed to redefine your view of hardcore. 1000mph stuff that pushes the boundaries & definitions of extreme music. “”East West Blast Test”” will tentatively was reissued by Relapse but you can also buy the original version of this limited release (Slap a Ham Records) here and now too


5.0 out of 5 stars Manic concept-grind of the best kind, September 13, 2003

How often do you hear great things about some new idea or approach to metal or grind or extreme music, only to hear it and be sorely disappointed not only because it was no good and you wasted time and money finding it, but it didn’t soud at all like what you thought? This is NOT THE CASE with East-West Blast Test. This album is nuts in the way I thought it would be, and this album is also good grindy heavy weird technicality.
For those of you who do not know the idea (which is somewhat apparent in the name of the ‘band’): here’s the concept. A drummer on one coast of the nation wants to jam out some grind with a guitarist on the other coast. They are both dedicated and eager, but with thier other musical and non-musical commitments, as well as the 3000 miles separating them, just can’t seem to get together in the studio. So, instead of wait for years, the drummer thinks up some wacky technical grind, heavy on the blast beats and unexpected stops, and records it and sends the tapes to the guitarist. The guitarist hears them, makes up guitar lines to go along with the very challenging drum lines, and records over it. The result is musically fresh blasting grinding music from a very distinct and different standpoint. Neither of the main instruments had any idea what the other would do until the one was done. They then added some scant vocals (this is a mostly instrumental album) as well as some sax. The result? This.

The album is good and different and heavy, and as such I imagine it will draw many comparisons to Fantomas. It’s not. There is a distinct lack of Mike Patton here, as well as no Dave Lombardo, or King Buzzo. East-West Blast Test is a strange grind concept album that works, is easy and also challenging to listen to, and heavy and fun to boot. I hope to hear more from this collaboration (is it a band?) or other imitators/reinventors soon. Get this if you like your extreme music a little off the beaten path in sound as well as philosophy.”

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