East coast Assault II -The Second Coming 2CD Compilation 1997. Too Damn Hype Records. 45 songs! Stigmata etc. classic 90’s H.C Check audio samples


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A classic piece of 90s hardcore featuring a large array of bands hailing from NY and its surrounding states. Two bands that you may know that made it big in following years are Hatebreed and All Out War!

Various – Eastcoast Assault II -The Second Coming
Label: Too Damn Hype Records TDH0020
Format: 2 × CD, Album, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 1997
Genre: Hardcore

1-1 Negative Male Child Little Brother
1-2 Negative Male Child You Touched Me
1-3 All Out War After Autumn
1-4 All Out War Resist
1-5 Enrage The Laffing Dawg
1-6 Enrage Rebirth
1-7 Enrage Shardy
1-8 Fastbreak Where It Lies
1-9 Fastbreak Behind
1-10 Fastbreak Said & Done
1-11 Struggle Within Doldrums
1-12 Struggle Within Longer Than Life
1-13 Struggle Within Leave It Behind
1-14 Cutthroat Split Your Face
1-15 Cutthroat Out Of Desperation
1-16 Cutthroat Power Place
1-17 Indecision Blindfold
1-18 Indecision No
1-19 Indecision You Dissolve
1-20 Rainmen Inside
1-21 Rainmen At All Cost
1-22 Comin’ Correct Knowledge Is Power
1-23 Comin’ Correct Commin’ Correct

2-1 Stigmata Life For A Life
2-2 Stigmata Redemption Song
2-3 Stigmata Judgment Crushing Down
2-4 Step Aside Never Change
2-5 Step Aside Step Back
2-6 Step Aside Suppressed Truth
2-7 Step Aside Back To One
2-8 Mushmouth No Patience
2-9 Mushmouth Conviction
2-10 Mushmouth Look Ahead
2-11 Hatebreed Concieved Through An Act Of Violence
2-12 Hatebreed Prepare For War
2-13 Inhuman Despair
2-14 Inhuman Good Riddance
2-15 Inhuman Crippled Inside
2-16 Train Of Thought Bliss
2-17 Train Of Thought Hourglass
2-18 Train Of Thought Scars Left To Remind (A Love Story)
2-19 Cease Rightful Ownership
2-20 Cease Inure
2-21 Innerface Flash Of Humanity
2-22 Innerface Watership Down

This is the second installment, out of three, of the East Coast Assault compilations. This is a 2 disc compilation with 17 bands each contributing 2 or more tracks. Stylistically it is quite diverse and the same can be said for the quality. I’ve never been into Commin’ Correct for instance, old 25 Ta Life is where its at if we’re talking Rick Ta Life. There are also plenty of quality bands on here, some that I feel are underrated like Enrage, Cease and Innerface besides some fairly well-known great bands such as Indecision, Stigmata and All Out War. Anyways, I’ll keep this quite short. All in all its a worthy successor to the first East Coast Assault compilation, even if it doesn’t come close to the overall level of the original (but few compilations have been able to). One major complaint, and this goes for the 1st instalment as well, is that the insert only lists contact information for the bands, and nothing else. This is a little scarce to put it mildly.

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