DYING BREED: Fleshflower CD SUPER RARE [Death Metal from California]


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Dying Breed is a death metal oriented band that for the most part follows the tried and true path of the style, only occasionally doing anything to stand apart from the crowd. The band does make use of occasional turntable scratching and keyboards, but for the most part this album rumbles along mildly and with little fanfare. The riffs are competent, the singing appropriately guttural and gravelly.

Brad Johnson – drums
Andrew Prietto – bass
Bill Johnson – samples
Pat Johnson – guitar / vocals

1. Fleshflower 03:49
2. Chipeland 03:53
3. El Juero 06:09
4. La Liberte 04:12
5. Recarved 04:45
6. Porn Song 04:58
7. Repetition 05:22
8. Hidden Track 07:29
Total playing time 40:41

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