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DOMAIN Before The Storm ( Front Row Records) Quality German Hard Rock

1. Caught in the Flame 04:06
2. Beg Steal or Borrow 03:38
3. I Don’t Wanna Die 04:23
4. Edge of the Knife 04:49
5. Keep Running 03:48
6. Hideaway 03:45
7. All for One 03:27
8. Lost Without Trace 03:58
9. Harden My Heart 04:15
10. I Can See the Light 03:32
11. Hearts of Stone 05:05

A classic of German melodic hardrock, brilliant. ‘Heart of stone’ was title track of an german TV series called ‘der bastard’. In those days Domain were one of the best bands from Germany!


Got to agree with the above statement, that for fans of this era of the band the new stuff doesn’t really compare. This album is amazing, they know their craft and they do it well. More than worthy addition to European melodic rock lovers.


Melodic Hardrock/AOR de muy buena factura bien atmosf’rico con esos teclados maravillosos, parece que estamos escuchando discos distintos eh amigos? . ‘Lost Without Trace’ define al disco, joyita de muchos kilates, se me qued’ en la mente a la primera. ‘I Can See The Light’ Mega-temazo! qu’ teclados, qu’ riff, qu’ atmfera. ‘Hearts Of Stone’ qu’ recuerdos al tema ‘Moscu’ . S’per-Discazo para m’. 9.5/10 y me quedo corto..


‘Hearts of stone’ is such a p*e*r*f*e*c*t AOR song!! And ‘caught in the flame’ is a good piece of (typically German) melodic rock. ‘Edge of the knife’ is a nice, little melodic rock ballad. Next to compatriot bands as CRAAFT & CASANOVA. 79/100

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