DOC HOLLIDAY: Song for the Outlaw LIVE CD no back cover [Southern rock. Remastered 2 bonus tracks two studio bonus tracks, recorded in Orlando, Florida in 1981.]


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DOC HOLLIDAY: Song for the Outlaw LIVE CD  [Southern rock. remastered + 2 bonus tracks] no back cover
1.: Last Ride (live)
2.: Southern Man Doin’ It Again (live)
3.: Hometown Sweetheart (live)
4.: Song For The Outlaw (live)
5.: Ain’t No Fool (live)
6.: Magic Midnight Moonshine Runner (live)
7.: Bad Love (live)
8.: Lonesome Guitar (live)
9.: Whiskey Train (live/bonus track)
10.: Don’t Stop Loving Me (live/bonus track)

The best live album in rock n roll history. Sit down, shut up and ear the top of southern rock

Legendary US Southern rock band, led by charismatic Bruce Brookshire. New edition, remastered + 2 bonus tracks, no back cover. Same track listing as the original with two bonus tracks (Recorded in 1981) Whiskey Train- Trower/Reid Don’t Stop Loving Me-Brookshire

5.0 out of 5 stars
I have known about the Doc Holiday Band for years but never heard one song by them. I had been looking to buy this or a long time but it was nearly unobtainable for years (out of print and priced out of sight). Well a few months back I lucked out and got a copy. This is one of those unbelievable albums for several reasons. This is one of the finest Southern Rock Band recordings out there and many folks do not know about them. This band came on the scene just as 70s and Southern Rock were dying in the media. They are mostly known in Europe but are from the southern USA and were damned good despite zero to limited exposure or radio play. I wish I had know about them earlier. You will be like me if you buy this. Surprised you never had this album in your Southern Rock collection. They are like a mix of The Outlaws and Molly Hatchet.

5.0 out of 5 stars A future Southern Rock Classic…if its not already!
Doc Holliday’s “Song for the Outlaw LIVE” probably will become a Southern Rock classic, if it isn’t already! This is really a very good slice of excellent southern rock music that will remind you of just how good southern rock really is…Doc Holliday style. This has became one of my most favorite southern rock albums to play over and over…just because its that good!

5.0 out of 5 stars
Doc Holliday is one band that I wish I knew about back in the early 80’s. I like this band so much that I started passing it around to my friends. They really like it also.

Doc Holliday “Song For The Outlaw Live”1988 US Southern Hard  Rock  (20 + 1 Best Live Southern Rock Albums by louiskiss)

At the very beginning I want to come out with the truth: it is the first time that I come into contact with Doc Holliday or the music of this band. On the other hand, maybe this circumstance is advantageous, because that’s how I write my completely unbiased impressions about an album by a band that has probably been one of the musical staples of many others for a long time.
However, I had already read a lot from Doc Holliday so far, partly in the relevant mailing lists of the scene – and that was usually full of praise – so of course I was all the more excited about what would await me now.
The album I have here, which was released in 1989 under the same name, is live recordings of a concert series or tour that the band Anno completed in the States in 1988.
The cover alone makes you want more, as the guitarists of the band, Bruce Brookshire, who also contributes the lead vocals and Billy Yates face each other and work with their hands on the instrument of the other. In addition to Bruce Brookshire, the line-up for the majority of the album consists of Billy Yates (g), Daniel Bud Ford (b), John Vaughan (dr), as well as Karen Barlow and June Reppert for the background vocals.
So nothing like pure with the part in the player – and directly the first song “Last Ride” exceeds all my expectations. After a few obligatory introductory words and expectant audience noise, a first guitar intro hammers out of the speakers, only to go into a powerful and driving rock shortly afterwards, which immediately sweeps me away. Then the vocals begin, a deep and – especially with the first piece – somewhat rough voice, which makes itself damn good to this music. And finally, the guitars go one better with the already expected solo parts. Squeaky clean and, despite all the speed, still sensitively played solos dominate the action!
This is followed by “Southern Man”, a piece beginning in a minor key in a more restrained tempo and slightly balladic feeling, which (noted for the guitarists among us) is temporarily reinforced with the chord progression Em – D – C common for ballads. Here, too, you can immediately notice the musicians’ enormous joy of playing. Shortly afterwards it goes medley-like in “Do It Again”, again a slightly harder piece, in which interesting breaks are interwoven. With “Hometown Sweetheart” follows a song that may be a little more set in the country corner, but at no time seems boring.
Speaking of boring: this disc here is anything but uniform porridge! The guitars are clearly in the foreground – but it is clear that this would hardly be possible at the high level without the well-coordinated rhythm department. Whereby I especially notice the drummer John Vaughan again and again. He plays straightforwardly and like clockwork in order to then push the action in the decisive moments with powerful and precise accents.
With “Song For The Outlaw” follows again a title with quite a decent drive, then there is with “Ain ́t No Fool” another real bang! Driving and rousing guitar rock with groove! In between, a slightly softer passage and then once again merges into guitar solos. Then a break, a drum interlude – and end. This piece is really awesome!
“Magic Midnight” is again a slower and melodic piece, which is accompanied by sparing and soulful guitars. After a short drum interlude, we continue with “Moonshine Runner”: Southern rock in the best quality. This is pure rock with great elements.
“Bad Love” also falls into this category: rocking and down-to-earth, with super coordinated guitars, rhythmically coming “to the point” again and again.
One of the big hits is undoubtedly “Lonesome Guitar”! “Lonesome guitar take me home – I ́ll never be alone” – the chorus already speaks volumes! This song is a bit melancholy, slow, melodic and with very soulful vocal interludes! It belongs to the category “sparkler song”, when I hear it I get the desire to stand in the audience at this very moment and hold up a burning lighter. That must be great!

In any case, the fact is that this CD will not gather dust, like so many others on your shelves. Not forgetting that you get  two studio bonus tracks, which were recorded in Orlando, Florida in 1981. Consequently, my tip: Buy! Friends of good rock or southern rock will certainly not regret it!…..~

Just to be upfront & honest in this review, I really like Doc Holliday…in my opinion Doc Holliday has kept southern rock rockin’ while the others have went down a different trail. Doc Holliday has kept the traditional southern rock sound following in the footsteps of the trailblazers Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot & Marshall Tucker…while adding their own unique flavor.  If you’ve never listened to Doc Holliday LIVE this is a excellent opportunity to do so…there won’t be anymore coming being that the original Doc Holliday line-up is now retired. Thank You, Doc for all of the great songs from your heart! God Bless ya Bruce Brookshire and keep doing the work that has been given you to do…it is worthwhile…..~


Backing Vocals – June Reppert, Karen Barlow
Bass – Daniel Bud Ford    Drums – John Vaughn
Guitar – Billy Yates
Guitar, Vocals – Bruce Brookshire

Doc Holliday Discography:

1981 Doc Holliday
1981 Doc Holliday Rides Again
1983 Modern Medicine
1986 Danger Zone
1989 Song For The Outlaw (live)
1993 Son Of The Morning Star
1996 Legacy
2001 A Better Road
2003 Gunfighter: Best of the 90’s
2004 Good Time Music
2006 Rebel Souls
2009 25 Absolutely Live



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