DIVINE EMBRACE: Tales of Avalon CD 1999 Death metal, melodic heavy Metal: Iron Maiden, Death, Kreator. Check whole songs (full audio)


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A very interesting mixture: death metal, melodic heavy and the stories of Avalon. Divine Embrace mix Iron Maiden, Death and Kreator, with instrumental technique and alternating brutality and melody. The most incredible is that the band sounds better in the melodic moments, when the vocal of Stefan Hebes are soft and beautiful as in the inspired ballad “”LAMENT “”, which is simply touching. 9 great songs!

Type: Full-length
Release date: 1999

Label: Self-released/independent
1. The Tale of a Betrayer’s Inevitable Death 07:47   AUDIO:  http://chirb.it/ybHJLg     OR  https://scribie.com/files/3aea4baa81a848a7bb3276ec1e2cd644b6cc449a     OR https://vocaroo.com/1qa3LEscP55
2. Recurring Ceremony 05:45  AUDIO:  http://chirb.it/LgvNIr    OR  https://scribie.com/files/4c61ea9671c84980aad4d81a6841bfe2aa6a6729    OR https://vocaroo.com/27breAgjuuU
3. Mystique Island 06:28   AUDIO:  http://chirb.it/gr90re     OR  https://vocaroo.com/cf00y1PoSah    OR https://scribie.com/files/8c7a59bf47204f21b37ece0868e42fae4394c3dd
4. Another Sanctuary 07:35    AUDIO:  http://chirb.it/68DPs2     OR  https://scribie.com/files/79dbc6fbc8a242d2a0bf3a2bfbdde3b77f68c1a7     OR https://voca.ro/6JJhYb2JUhn
5. Regain of the Grail 04:15  AUDIO:  http://chirb.it/20rOe8     OR  https://scribie.com/files/36920c777f9c4b09aaa52e2e93990645973c27c8     OR https://voca.ro/mKORRHp1prn
6. Lament 05:46
7. From Father to Son 06:30
8. The Quest 01:55
9. Traveller in Time 03:21  AUDIO:  http://chirb.it/4FBgpf     OR  https://scribie.com/files/2e05214b2c9040e9b260978b87b1d97b8ac34587    OR https://voca.ro/7rjX6tHzfwR


Formed in 1995, Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Members: Ingo Rieger (bass), Ralf Prakelt (guitar), Thomas Naumann (guitar), Stefan Hebes (vocals), Jorg Burkhardt (drums, 1998-2000), Frank Hoffmeister (drums)
Related Artists: Dark Views, Entrails Out!, Stormrider

Divine Embrace won’t stay unknown for a while ! This German band plays a kind of death metal which sounds really different from the other bands; At first, some riffs have been inspired by old thrash metal. More, their sound can be better classified into the Thrash metal style than the death one, especially with guitars. Divine Embrace can easily be distinguished because of its melodic approach, be it with vocals (sometimes a more melodic voice appears) or with guitars melodies. A good example is “”Mystic Island”” which combines the style of Divine Embrace. I say the style, because I think Divine Embrace creates its own style. Thus, it’s easier to recognize their songs. Another point of interest in the incredible bass play, which is very technical with a kind of jazzy feeling. So, it’s increasing the main qualities of riffs. With a technical approach, Divine Embrace achieves to release a very interesting Death metal album. this is a really exciting debut.

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