DIVINE:DECAY: Maximize the Misery CD Promo. A la old Metallica. Check whole album


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Divine:Decay Maximize The Misery
Label: Osmose Productions OPCD 128
Format: CD PROMO
Country: France
Released: 2003
Genre: Thrash
1 Icons Fall
2 Weave A Web Of Vanity
3 Without A Soul
4 Scars
5 Killing Innocence
6 Silence Of Decades
7 Maximize The Misery
8 Dead In Me
9 The Discomfort Of Artificial Euphoria
10 Filth
11 Black Hearted Angel (Remorse)

The story of Finnish thrash/speedmetal sensation DIVINE:DECAY started in 1999 at Helsinki, Finland. Their original idea idea was to update the somewhat thrashy bay-area sound to todays standards, but not forgetting the legacy of bands (Testament, old school Metallica, etc.) they loved.
DIVINE:DECAY concentrated on defining of their sound, with more speed and aggressiveness with MAXIMIZE THE MISERY. The album gained more depth and Alecs vocals were done with rage and fury. The take no prisoners guitar sounds and more linear drum/bass lines made Maximize the Miserys 11 tracks (and one hidden song) a brutal attack for the senses. Loyal crew came aboard again, Janne Stone Joutsenniemi took the producing helm, mixing was masterfully crafted by Mikko Kerry Karmila (Nightwish, Therion, Children of Bodom etc.) and mastering was made at Tarzan studios by Smoju. The Marvel-style inspired cover art for the album was made by Spinefarms praised graphic artist Lauski (Children Of Bodom, Demigod).
Maximize The Misery, the second album from the Finnish group Divine Decay, harkens back to the glory days of Bay Area thrash in the late eighties, with Testament a clear influence, especially Alecs vocal similarity to Chuck Billy. Its pretty well done, (Alec has a strong voice indeed). Not many bands are playing this style these days, and with a bit more experience, they are something special!!

Alec Hirst-Gee: vocals/guitars
Paul: guitars
Timo Nyberg: guitars (Gandalf)
Toni Grönros: bass
Juhuna Rantala: drums

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