DISARMONIA MUNDI: Fragments Of D-Generation CD Finest Melodic Death Metal. Soilwork’s Bjorrn “”Speed”” Strid on vocals. Check audio and videos


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DISARMONIA MUNDI: Fragments Of D-Generation

Italy presents one of the finest bands that plays Melodic Death Metal: DISARMONIA MUNDI


They get in touch with the frontman Bjorn “”Speed”” Strid
(Soilwork/Terror 2000) who ended up doing all of the vocal parts of their second album. After the recordings and the mix, the mastering process is entrusted to Goran Finnberg at Mastering Room in Sweden. ‘Fragments Of D-Generetion’ is a hell of a masterpiece, mixing technical and thrashing death metal with crushing rhythmic heaviness, rumbling double bass explosions and catchy, energetic, melodic riffing. An amazing and surprising result for a newcomer band that uncompromisingly demonstrate how mature and personal Disarmonia Mundi’s own style is.


Fragments of D-generation is the second album by the Italian, melodic death metal band, Disarmonia Mundi, released by Italian label Scarlet Records in 2004. After numerous line-up changes, this album features Soilwork’s Bjorrn “”Speed”” Strid on vocals. The song, “”Red Clouds”” was chosen as their first video and was directed by bass player Mirco Andreis.

“”Common State of Inner Violence”” -5:19
“”Morgue of Centuries”” -4:18
“”Red Clouds”” -5:20
“”Quicksand Symmetry”” -4:37
“”Swallow the Flames”” -3:48
“”Oceangrave”” -4:05
“”A Mirror Behind”” -5:35
“”Come Forth My Dreadful One”” -4:14
“”Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams”” -4:15
“”Colors of a New Era”” -4:59

Disarmonia Mundi:
Ettore Rigotti – guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, clean vocals
Claudio Ravinale – growl vocals, lyrics
Mirco Andreis – bass

Bjorn “”Speed”” Strid – vocals
Guido Suardi – Artwork
Benny Bianco Chinto – Vocals on some tracks


If you like Soilwork and Swedish Metal…
I’m so happy that this album was released. I’ve contemplated purchasing it for years now, but the cheapest I ever found it available was $25.00+. This album is absolutely awesome. I’m not going to say it’s a masterpiece, but these days this is about as good as it comes. If you like earlier Soilwork and any Swedish “”Melodic”” Metal, then you’ll love this album. I’m a huge supported of “”Speed”” (Soilwork) and am glad to see he’s got this other project going. Highly recommended!!!


Soilwork’s recipe taken far from the genre’s boundaries…
“”Fragments of D-Generation”” is the second release of this italian quartet, featuring Bjorn Strid (Soilwork, Terror 2000) in vocals…The comparisons are obvious…When you listen to DM with your eyes closed, it’s Soilwork…Not only because of the vocals, but the sound in general as well as the production…But I will instantly change Soilwork’s last three albums “”Natural Born Chaos””, “”Figure Number Five”” and “”Stabbing the Drama”” for this excellent “”Fragments of D-Generation””…

DM took Soilwork’s recipe, and shaped it in it’s own way…I mean, the guitars and drum sound is the same, the vocals are the same, and the atmosphere is practically the same…so, what is the real difference???…Everything in this album has a distinctive touch of quality..Like if they worked out every guitar riff, drum beat, and keyboard note much harder, trying to create something new…And there lies the difference…The riffs sound heavier in general, the keyboards have a very cool touch adding a lot of feeling to the atmospheres, not only as a company, or to make it sound catchy. To the point that, despite the obvious comparison to Soilwork, the album sounds new, fresh and original…

DM made the effort that Soilwork didn’t in their last releases…Like if DM were saying to Soilwork “”This is the way you should have done it!!!!!!””…

You’ll find in “”Fragments…”” different speeds and tempos…
Like the brutal “”Common State of Inner Violence””, which seems more a TERROR 2000 song, very fast and aggressive without losing their touch of quality…The semi fast “”Quicksand Symmetry”” or the funny “”A mirror behind””…The solos are more melodic, the keyboard arrangements have more quality and presence…

In any way you may look at it, if you feel disappointed with Soilwork’s latest releases this “”Fragments of D-Generation”” will ease your pain…Anyway, an album I strongly recommend to any metal fan…


Disarmonia Mundi is well kept secret
Anyone who is a fan of Soilwork, and sometimes wishes they wouldn’t lame out so often, will certainly dig Disarmonia Mundi. This album features a some unique electronica influences but without backing down from shredding your ears.


Soilwork Fans BUY THIS!!
2nd album by this band… and I hope not the last!! 10 tracks! Very fast changing rhythms, fantastic guitars and leads! Spectacular drum and synth backgrounds + Speed. Strid from Soilwork on vocals… Track 7 is my favorite. Fantastic!! Can I say better than Soilwork? Buy it!”

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