DIESEL MACHINE: Torture Test CD. Check whole album. A la MESHUGGAH, FEAR FACTORY, AGNOSTIC FRONT, BLACK SABBATH, HALFORD (with the Halford guitarist)


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DIESEL MACHINE is the giant Octopus of Metal with tentacles spreading in different directions at once but each controlled by and in the furtherance of a single minded center that organizes all the mayhem never letting loose the secret of how or why. Here there be industrial tones mixed with neo-classical guitar, world beat rhythms with near Death Metal vocals and punk attitude leavened by a traditional Metal confidence. Strains of MESHUGGAH, FEAR FACTORY, AGNOSTIC FRONT, BLACK SABBATH and dozens more converge to create something new, unique and brutally wonderful.  Dissection  is a pit-inducing monster at mid-tempo stomping through this record like Godzilla strolled through Tokyo. The lyric, once heard, is indelibly stamped on the brain leaving each subsequent airing a compulsory sing along. Be warned, you should have throat lozenges at the ready.  The Punishment  has a PANTERA-like guitar hook that could land a Whale.  Rage  plods along with knuckles dragging in the dirt until they are heaved straight across your jaw. The accented drum fills here are nothing short of brilliant. Driven by Pain  would seem to be the thematic centrepiece for the entire disc and is also this collections best track. The vocal is very close to something Phil Anselmo might yelp but here it sounds infinitely more angry.DIESEL MACHINE stands in both scale of intensity and viciousness of intent leaving Torture Test no less than the areas best output since FEAR FACTORY’s debut. Should the various members be able to coordinate their incredibly full schedules, (guitarist Patrick Lachman is also a full time member of HALFORD and Shane Gaalaas’ talents behind the drum kit are much in demand), there could be live performances of this material, a prospect that is as frightening as it is exciting. Buy but beware, this is not for the weak eared.


1. Torture Test
2. Bones And All
3. Dissection
4. The Punishment
5. Borrowed Time
6. Rage
7. Sick
8. Driven By Pain
9. Black Box
10. State Of Panic
11. Self-Destruct