DIAMOND REXX: Land Of The Damned LP. 1986 Sleaze Glam a la Motley Crue. Check audio


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Category: Sleaze Glam
Year: 1986
Label: Island Records    Country: US

Catalog Number: 7 90554-1  CONDITION OF SLEEVE / DISC:  EX / EX
1. Land of the Damned 3:12
2. All I Need 3:05
3. Cuz I Wancha 3:12
4. I Wish I Was Rich 3:46
5. Don’t Start Without Me 4:02
6. Up and Down 3:10
7. Rock Gun 4:00
8. B.A.T.S. 4:41
9. Kick in Your Face 3:29
10. Life and Death 3:26
Total Running Time: 36:03
Andre electric bass, vocals
Johnny Cottone drums, vocals
Nasti Habits lead vocals
S. St. Lust guitars, vocals
Released December 1986
Recorded Tone Zone Studios, Chicago, Illinois
Genre: Glam metal

Diamond Rexx is an American heavy metal / glam metal band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1985 . Land of the Damned is their début album. It was released by Island Records in 1986, and is the bands’ sole major label release.

Diamond Rexx’s Land of the Damned is an energetic blast of ragged, Judas Priest-esque metal that also contains elements of L.A. glam and N.Y.C.-style trash rock. Though lead vocalist Nasti Habits seems to favor a melodic growling in the early David Johansen/Handsome Dick Manitoba vein over actual singing, hes the perfect focal point for his bands drunken steamroller sound. At times sounding like an even more aggressive New York Dolls or Mott the Hoople, the band doesn’t vary much from its “play the riff, shout the slogan, repeat” formula, but the energy level and fun content are high enough to sustain interest. Its hard for even the casual metal fan not to do a raging headbanging as this is ’80s heavy metal at its simplest and butt-headed best. Modern bands could do well to take a lesson from Diamond Rexxs reckless sense of abandon and unquenchable desire to rock (insert devil horns here) m/

I love this band. This is a great album, Opening-riff on “All I Need” is awesome though! “Rock Gun”and “Wish I was Rich” are my personal favorites. Great album but very very very very hard to find. This rules!
Wish I was rich is my favourite although the other songs are quite enjoyable. If you’re an 80s glam fan like me this is a must have (that’s why I have it). REALLY COOL ALBUM
Awesome band/album, “Kick In Your Face” & “B.A.T.S” being personal favourites, if I recall correctly this will please fans of Madame X.
Sleazy/Glam metal, in the style of WASP, It is a good album with some great songs. Also, one of my All-Time favorite Album Covers….Just screams SLEAZE!!!
Great album. Sort-of like Alice Cooper meets Wrathchild.

5.0 out of 5 stars Sleaze metal début
Chicago based rockers Diamond Rexx hit the scene in 1986 with their début Land of the Damned. The band, which took their cues from the Hollywood hair metal scene, was all about sleazy rock, big hair, and plenty of attitude.
Its a glam/hair metal album, but its surprisingly heavy and nowhere near as poppy as say Poison or even L.A. Guns. I’d say the closest point of comparison is Smashed Gladys plus a bit of Motorhead. Vocalist Nasti Habits (how great is that handle?) snarls and shouts his way through 10 odes to living fast and dying young. Its a rough album, but it has a lot of that gritty charm that made Too Fast for Love and Appetite for Destruction so effective, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Land of the Damned is a fun blast from the lipstick-laden past. If you’re an 80s rock fan and prefer bands on the sleazier end of the spectrum, you’ll definitely want to check out Diamond Rexx, and Land of the Damned is the best place to start.

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