DIAMOND HEAD: Four Cuts 7″ Great cover, 4 brilliant songs Call Me, Trick Or Treat, Dead Reckoning, Shoot Out The Light


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A Side – Call Me + Trick Or Treat

B Side – Dead Reckoning + Shoot Out The Lights

Dead Reckoning is obviously about the nuclear Armageddon. The businessman / anybody rich enough can start a nuclear conflict.

New York City
New York time 2084
Business man makes a deal for a nuclear war
Time is right, split the atom, and the Berlin wall.
Bring your dead
Nuclear holocaust will fall
Dead reckoning
Dead reckoning
Make a deal
Time is right to start your fight
Friends are here, all are waiting for the night
Just reckon, to see if its alright
Dead reckoning
Dead reckoning
City weeps, children run to hide their skins
Time will stop, as the nuclear war begins
Children die, but I’m sure no-one can win
New York City
New York time 2085
Business man, he is dead no-one left alive
Saturn sky, a fire has just arrived
I can see, what a waste for the tears you cried
Dead reckoning
Dead reckoning
Dead reckoning
Dead reckoning
Dead reckoning
I reckon you’re dead

This version below is arguably better than the one that’s included as a bonus track on some versions of the debut. Its mainly the improved production.

Metallica’s – Garage Inc.  album came out in 1998 and sold over five million copies. It contains four Diamond Head songs, and the royalties have changed my life a lot [says Diamond Head’s Brian Tatler]. I bought a house with my wife, and the constant flow of royalties mean that I no longer have to work.

“In 1998, I was visiting our drummer Karl in San Francisco, and I got a call from Lars Ulrich, who invited us to come and visit him at The Record Plant studio in Sausalito, California, where Metallica were recording Garage Inc. Lars showed us around and treated us to a playback of It’s Electric, that they’d just recorded.

“Later on we drove back into San Francisco to celebrate, and l asked Lars how many copies the record would sell. And he said, ‘this is probably going to sell five million copies, based on the the last few. So the beers are on you!’

“To get four songs on a Metallica album… I’ve been very lucky there. It’s just the way it is. They did great versions of our songs. They are very tight and make it rock. They introduced Diamond Head to millions of American fans that didn’t know Diamond Head, because we had never toured the US back in the day.

“I sometimes think of some of the other NWOBHM bands that didn’t get covered. It could have been Angelwitch. It could have been Tygers Of Pan Tang. I’m just very lucky.”   [Diamond Head’s Brian Tatler]

Four Cuts is an EP by heavy metal band Diamond Head and was released in 1982. It was a double A-side with “Call Me” and “Trick or Treat”, and was released by MCA. The EP also contained “Dead Reckoning” and a re-recorded version of “Shoot Out the Lights” as the two B-sides. This was the band’s first release on a major label, and was designed to be a taster for their second album.

“Call Me” was later released as a single in its own right later that same year. The song also appeared on Diamond Head’s second studio album, Borrowed Time, their first album to be released by MCA. “Trick or Treat” and “Dead Reckoning” were favourites in the band’s live set during the 80s. However, neither song made it onto the Borrowed Time album

Dead Reckoning was later available on the band’s 1987 compilation album Am I Evil. The original version of “Shoot Out the Lights” was previously released as an A-side in 1981 on the band’s own label, Happy Face Records.

  1. “Call Me”
  2. “Trick or Treat”
  3. “Dead Reckoning”
  4. “Shoot Out the Lights” (Re-recorded Version)

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