DIACLASE: En patience CD Combining industrial, Experimental Metal, Ambient Godflesh, Neurosis. Check samples


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Released date : 2004 – Self-Released

Combining industrial, Experimental and Ambient. Tribal, psychotic, depressive… very good ideas and atmospheres Vocal parts evoking Godflesh, infuences of Einsturzende Neubauten as on “”closed””, Neurosis, Kill the thrill. An absolutely marvelous album, a mixture of madness, wisdom and purity


To sharp and diaphanous climats, it combines the sonic burst of restless research of new sounds and new approaches. Creating unexpected atmospheres putting aside all conventions is a well settled purpose.
In other words, it’s all about building a music that must be listened to for itself.

“”At the crossroads of ambient and industrial musics… the fours tracks from “”En patience”” reveal a talented musician who has an exceptional vision and talent, hardly similar to any other.””
“”Au carrefour des musiques ambiantes et industrielles… les quatre compositions que constituent ‘En patience’ r©v¨lent un musicien au talent et   la vision exceptionnels, qu’on aurait bien du mal   rapprocher d’un autre.””

“”Diaclase could very well distinguish himself thanks to the intelligence and the richness of his music””
“”Diaclase pourrait bien se d©marquer grce   la richesse et   l’intelligence de sa musique.””

“”…with as soon as this first album, a great maturity and an undoubtable power.””
“”…Avec d¨s ce premier opus une grande maturit© et une puissance ind©niable.””

The Factory
An amazing album, an artist of unique musical perception. Don’t miss it.
“”Album genialissime …artiste   la perception musicale unique.””

“”Apparaissant fortuitement et sans pr©venir, la singularit© de ce projet risque d’en laisser plus d’un pantois,   suivre de tr¨s pr¨s.””

03 Zine
“”Intrigant, troublant, hypnotique, autant de qualificatifs pour pr©senter l’univers ©trange de Diaclase. Loin des ©clats de violence de la sc¨ne metal, Diaclase se fraye un chemin, son chemin, en d©pit des modes.””



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