DEW SCENTED: Impact CD PROMO in paper bag. Thraaaaash Metal. Check audio.


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Dew-Scented Impact
Label: Nuclear Blast NB 1169-2
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 2003
Genre: Thrash, Death Metal

Track list
1 Acts Of Rage 4:00
2 New Found Pain 3:04
3 Destination Hell 2:53
4 Soul Poison 4:00
5 Cities Of The Dead 4:45
6 Down My Neck 5:48
7 One By One 3:34
8 Agony Designed 3:48
9 Slaughtervain 4:19
10 Flesh Reborn 4:03
11 18 Hours 3:24

Music By, Lyrics By, Producer Dew-Scented
Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By Andy Classen
Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Stage One Studio, Buehne



This is in fact a band that plays fast thrash metal with a late-80s sort of feel. Its nothing new or overly exciting, but hell, unlike most bands of this nature they do play guitar solos, which is a welcome fucking change. Its pretty straightforward material, theres a good mix of tempos, a little bit of melody here and there, songs that generally run from three to five minutes… all that. This is performed in the true spirit of thrash, even vocally, so I’m all for it. Take what you can get in this day and age folks…