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Christian Hardcore Metal from Switzerland (!!) The main thing is thrash and speed metal but it has some hardcore vocals inside. Maybe a little bit punk influences or classical influences. We never ever tried to copy another band but our favorite band, I guess I can speak for all of us, is Mortification. And Tourniquet, the old Deliverance, Living Sacrifice. Maybe Narnia.

Cry It Out – Detonation
Type: EP
Label: Self-released/independent
Release date: 1 Jan 1999
Running length: 7 tracks
Running time: 24:25

Track List :
1 Cry it out 5:00
2 God cares 3:45
3 Unity, Part I 0:30
4 Unity, Part II 0:30
5 Unity, Part III 0:30
6 Unity, Part IV 0:30
7 Louder Than Hell 13:40

Daniel Donnabauer Drums
Michael Scherrer Guitars
Toni Kalin Guitars, Bass, Keyboards