DETECTIVE: S/T 1977 LP (1st / Debut) Swan Song – SSK59405. UK copy. STEPPENWOLF, YES members etc. Very LED ZEPPELIN like. Check audio + review video of the album


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DETECTIVE An Anglo-American Hard Rock outfit formed in 1975 comprising ex SILVERHEAD frontman MICHAEL DES BARRES, former STEPPENWOLF guitarist Michael Monarch and ex YES and BADGER keyboardist Tony Kaye. DETECTIVE estabished a reputation for themselves as a band in the vein of LED ZEPPELIN. Ironically, the group signed to ZEP Swansong label! Guitarist Michael Monarch was to later record with ANDY FRASER, tour with MEAT LOAF and form STEEL MONARCH. Kaye rejoined YES in the early 80 via a spell with BADFINGER in 1978. Naturally, the charismatic Des Barres would enjoy a diverse career post DETECTIVE, recording a number of solo works; he also took up acting, appearing in the likes of ‘Cagney & Lacey’ and ‘Miami Vice’ as well as minor movie roles. Barres wife, Pamela, authored an eye opening tom  based upon her exploits as one of America leading 70 Rock groupies.

DETECTIVE: S/T (1st / Debut) STEPPENWOLF, YES members etc. Check VIDEOs!
[Very nice and shout after (L.P in the Swan Song label. This is the favoured band of all the Led Zeppelin members, and as a result they got signed in their record label. Most probably the best drum sound that ever been on a record. Lots of Bonham influence on the drums!

Track Listing: 1. Recognition 2. Got Enough Love 3. Grim Reaper 4. nightingale 5. Detective Man 6. Ain’t None Of Your Business 7. Deep Down 8. Wild Hot Summer Nights 9. One More Heartache

Detective were an excellent hard rock band that rarely gets their due. Often dismissed as a cheap copy of Led Zeppelin, the band produced two truly great hard rock albums of the late 70

The band notably featured ex-Silverhead vocalist, Michael Des Barres (who is probably more famous for contributing the  Des Barresâ to Miss Pamelaâs name and as the Murdoc character on 80 television show MacGyver), ex-Steppenwolf guitarist Michael Monarch and ex-Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye.

Half of the tracks on their self-titled debut record, on Zeppelin label, Swan Song, were produced by Jimmy Page under the pseudonym Jimmy Robinson. This unfortunately worked against them, only intensifing the Zep comparisons. Nonetheless, that record is one of my favorites of the genre.

The amount of crappy bands that experience a revival, I think its time for Detective a great band.”

John Bonham inspired thumping breakbeat track

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