DESCENDENTS: Cool to Be You CD. PUNK as fuck masterpiece Fat Wreck Chords. Check it (audio)


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Fat Wreck Chords The Descendents have clearly grown into themselves. The silliness is still there, but it seems somehow more productive (?). I find “Mass Nerder” very inspirational. It is simultaneously an attack on the culture of stupidity and a celebration of not only being “smart,” but also being good at school. Only Milo could find a way to make getting As seem like the coolest thing ever. I also identify very much with “Nothing with You.” There are few things in life that can be enjoyed more than watching some good TV with the one you love. “Blast Off” is just inexplicably enjoyable. This album is quite a bit more heavy on the darker side. And the dark moments are substantially darker than they have been in the past. “Anchor Grill” is completely heartbreaking. And it is the song on the album that most shows the bands age. While the vast majority of pop punkers are pining over girls, in “Anchor Grill,” Bill Stevenson laments the lack of freedom that comes with being an adult couple. The song identifies such issues as a lack of time and money that can take a toll on an otherwise healthy adult relationship. But the absence of topical idealism doesn’t make the song any less romantic or sweet. Now, THATs writing!! I don’t really have the space to gush any more about particular songs. Suffice to say they’re all great. The point is, they didn’t want to grow up. Now that they did, I for one am really glad.

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