DEREK SHERINIAN: Mythology PROMO CD. Zakk Wylde, Steve Stevens, Simon Phillips playing. Check whole album.


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1. Day of the Dead
2. Alpha Burst
3. God of War
4. El Flamingo Suave
5. Goin’ To Church
6. One Way or the Other
7. Trojan Horse
8. A View From The Sky
9. The River Song

Release date: 2004
Total time: 45:50

Derek Sherinian – Keyboards
Zakk Wylde – Guitar (Tracks 1,3,9)
Steve Stevens – Guitar (Tracks 2,4,8)
Allan Holdsworth – Guitar (Tracks 1,6)
John Sykes – Guitar (Track 3)
Steve Lukather – Guitar (Track 5)
Simon Phillips – Drums (Tracks 2,4,5,6,8,9)
Tony Franklin – Bass (Tracks 1,2,5,8)
Marco Mendoza – Bass (Tracks 3,4,7,9)
Rufus Philpot – Bass (Track 6)
Jerry Goodman – Violin (Tracks 1,6)
Brian Tichy – Drums (Tracks 1,3,7,9)
Brian Tichy – Additional Guitars (Tracks 1,3,7)

Dereks individual track comments:

Day Of The Dead:
On all four solo albums, the first song that was written ended up by being the opening track. To have Allan Holdsworth on one of my CDs is a huge milestone for me personally – special thanks to Keith Ranch for making the connection happen. It was very humbling to be around such a brilliant musician. Now that the door is open, you can count on me always making room for Allan on my CDs. “Day of the Dead” may very well be the heaviest musical backdrop that Holdsworth has recorded ever. The contrast between Allan and Zakk epitomises the metal fusion sound that I am searching for.

Alpha Burst:
I have had the pleasure to work with Steve Stevens for three years now in Billy Idols band. When Steve played me the demos of “Alpha Burst” and “A View From The Sky” I immediately wanted to include them on my next CD. These two songs are clearly in the spirit of Jeff Beck, and that is always a good thing! Simon sounds amazing as usual.

God of War:
I got the call from Marco Mendoza in April 2004 to do a one week tour of Japan with Blue Murder featuring John Sykes, Tommy Aldridge and Marco. I have a fan of Tommy Aldridge and John Sykes since I was 16. John Sykes rarely guests on other peoples albums, so to have him guest on “Mythology” is very cool!

El Flamingo Suave:
Steve Stevens does a live solo where he plays a Flamenco piece on a nylon string guitar. I wanted to incorporate that sound somewhere on my CD. Steve and I wrote this in late 2003. Marco Mendoza was the perfect choice for this track.

Trojan Horse:
I love writing with Brian Tichy. He is also a huge fan of Edward Van Halen and Randy Rhoads, which is very important! Brian is playing both guitar, and drums on this track – which I think is pretty amazing. “Trojan Horse” is a tribute to the Mighty Edward Van Halen – Thank you for your great inspiration over the years.

A View From the Sky:
This song could have been an outtake off of “Blow by Blow” or “Wired”.

The River Song:
With Zakk, I have learned after doing three records with him that to get the best results out oh him, the best thing to do is just hit record and just let him play. “The River Song” was created on the spot in the studio. Zakk just started singing so my engineer hooked up a mic for him and he just went off.
Zakk used his Jackson Randy Rhoads model on 90% of this CD – it is rare to hear Zakk use a whammy bar. He also brought a vest that was owned and worn by Randy Rhoads to the session, I immediately got out my Eddie Van Halen/Randy Rhoads collage and hung it up on the wall. Me, Zakk and Brian Tichy turn into 16 year-olds again during these sessions. “The River Song” is the first vocal performance on one of my recordings.

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