DEMON DAGGER: Inanna Ishtar CD digipak Thrash Metal a la Less Than Human, Soulfly. Check video + all songs


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1. Inanna Ishtar 00:19
2. Full Of Emptiness 02:36
3. In-Out Bounds 04:08
4. Saturday Bench 03:34
5. Batillus 05:02
6. Unbeknown Behaviour 02:52
7. Corrosive Waste 03:43
8. Burn The Flag 02:16
9. Dachau 03:55
10. Joy Jordan 03:47
11. June 03:10
12. Filigrana Institution (Abort Commotion) 03:44
13. Concealing Henry Fool 03:11
14. Dubjecks Summer 03:50
Total playing time 46:14

Demon Dagger are hard to pin down. Their pile-driving metal stomp treads a fine line, mixing primal and savage elements with modern, more melodic death metal influences. Saturday Bench’, a song so finely produced you could cut yourself on it, has elements of Dark Tranquillity in it, while at other times they manage to sound like a tighter Soulfly. ‘Full of emptiness’ is a concrete heavy slab,
frontman Jocas roared/hardcore delivery vocals giving it a distinctive edge.
‘Batillus’ is a near-perfect mix of growled vocals, muted and spiralling riffs and blasting drum patterns. Demon Dagger also show they aren’t afraid to step away from the colour-coded metal pack with the likes of ‘Unbeknown behaviour’,melding a simple vocal assault with a scathing drum beat and a riff in the chorus that drives the song on, like a 16-wheeler down a desert highway. With ‘Burn the flag’ and ‘Corrosive waste’ they prove they can throw it down with the best of the bunch, but it is at these times that the Dagger also let standards slip. Still, a few minor exceptions aside, they have managed to create an album that is well worth checking out.