DEMENTIA Recuperate From Reality LP. Not your typical thrash album. Tombstone records. U.S.A Thrash Metal.


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Dementia (USA)
Genre: Thrash Metal from the United States of America (Onalaska, Wisconsin)    on Tombstone Records (RARE)

Mike Walz – Vocals
Brian T. Ericson – Vocals, Instruments
Skylar Kennedy – Drums

5.0 out of 5 stars Unknown Gem!
I bought this because it was a recommendation and it was affordable but it turned out to be a very enjoyable listen.
The vocals are clear and understandable. The music is very CRUNCHY and MOSH worthy!
In other words I love it and I think you will too if your into HEADBANGING METAL.


Dementias only release was produced at Wave Digital Studios, Gurnee, Illinois by otwEric Greif. Interestingly, Greif also produced labelmates Viogression. The band were based in the Chicago area and were led by their drummer. Due to the release on a British-based label, American distribution was very limited and remains a rare treat.


Recuperate From Reality
Full-length, Tombstone Records 1991 MINT CONDITION

Brian Ericson does vocals on Born To Die
1. State of Dementia 06:28
2. Sight Unseen 05:22
3. Terminal Ecstasy 05:14
4. Funeral March 07:33
5. Face to Fate 05:01
6. Insane 05:33
7. Born to Die 05:08
8. Feel the Fire 04:56
9. Say Your Prayers 05:13
Total playing time 50:28

Recuperate From Reality Not your typical thrash album

The first, and only release, from Dementia was quite different from your normal thrash album. Instead of going at a balls-to-the-wall pace, these guys used a more heavy, wall-of-sound approach. The riffs aren’t overly technical or complex, but they are well done and have a distinct style. They keep the music interesting. The vocals are a bit high-pitched. However, they fit the music well. Better then a low sounding screamer or growler would. The drum work is also quite proficient. When thrashing is required, it is delivered! Most songs boast a mid-paced to slow tempo. Also, each track delivers good lead work. Most of these are shredders, a few being somewhat melodic.

The best songs are State Of Dementia, Terminal Ecstasy and Say Your Prayers. State Of Dementia starts off powerful, with nice riffs and pounding drums. There is a nice thrash break right in the middle, where the band just cuts loose. Terminal Ecstasy is a mid-paced tune with loads of hook in the guitar. Say Your Prayers is one of those balls-to-the-walls thrashers I mentioned. Nicely done with quick riffs, pounding drums and a smoking lead!

For such a small release this is a quality album. If you give it a spin with an open mind, and without looking for utter speed, it can be a nice listen!

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