Deeper Into The Vault CD compilation 1991 original RARE Signed / Autographed. UNRELEASED Songs. Testament, Venom, Mercyful Fate, Anthrax, Blitzkrieg, Overkill, TT Quick, Raven, S.O.D., The Beast, M.O.D., Exciter


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Music for nations CDMFN 124

1 Testament: Burnt Offerings (Demo) 5:21 (Original demo with Steve Souza on vocals) [from the ‘Demo: 1’ demo] January 1986
2 Venom: Acid Queen 2:30 [from the ‘Die Hard’ single] – August 1983
3 Mercyful Fate: Black Masses //NOT Black Funeral // 4:30 [from the ‘Black Masses’ single] – November 1984
4 Anthrax: Across The River / Howling Furies (Live Texas) 5:45 [Live in Texas, May 1985]
5 Lone Rager: Metal Rap 5:31   Lyrics By Jon Zazula (first ever Metal with Rap crossover) [from the ‘Metal Rap’ single] – August 1984
6 Blitzkrieg: Blitzkrieg 3:51 [from the ‘Buried Alive’ demo]- October 1981
7 Overkill: Sonic Reducer 2:53 [outtake from the ‘Feel The Fire’ session] October 1985
8 TT Quick: Victims 5:47 [from the ‘T.T Quick’ EP]- April 1984
9 Raven: Take It Away (Live) 3:53 [outtake from the ‘Live At The Inferno’ session]- November 1984
10 S.O.D.:* Ram It Up 1:22 [outtake from the speak English Or Die’ session]- May 1985
11 The Beast: Is This Life 2:49 [from the ‘Born To Metalize’ split album]- May 1984
12 The Beast: The Shape 3:15 [from the ‘Born To Metalize’ split album]- May 1984
13 M.O.D.:* If The Shoe Fits 2:21 [outtake from the ‘Gross Misconduct’ session, previously unreleased]- February 1989
14 Exciter: Death Revenge 3:26 [outtake from the ‘Violence & Force’ session]- February 1984  signed by all 3 members

Coordinator [Art Coordination] Marsha Zazula, Michael Buckman*
Coordinator [Music Coordination] Alex Perialas
Executive Producer Jon Zazula, Marsha Zazula

Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics
Foldout insert.
Track 1 is the original band demo for the Legacy album.
Tracks 2 & 6 are courtesy of Neat Records.
Track 3 is courtesy of Roadrunner Records.
This compilation (P)(C) 1991 Megaforce Worldwide

1 – Zazmar (BMI)
2 & 6 – Neat Music Publishing
3 – Roadrunner Music
4, 5, 8 to 12 & 14 – Precious Metal Music
13 – Zazmar / Warner Chappell (BMI)
7 – no publishing info given

Excellent metal compilation…
The highlights of this comp, for me, are the two songs by The Beast. These two songs are just excellent 80s heavy metal.
Other excellent tunes include the Steve-of-Exodus-on-vox version of Testaments “Burnt Offerings”, “Blitzkreig”, and a fun little tune called “Metal Rap” by Lone Ranger. This “rap” about metal is amusing; it starts with Black Sabbath, and goes along through the 70s and early-to-mid 80s.
Good compilation of stuff that I haven’t seen on other albums.
great old school comp!
the only place to find testament burnt offerings with Steve zetro sousa singing and MOD if the shoe fits and a number of other odd recordings over kill,anthrax and SOD songs if you don’t have their remasters or reissues these tracks can be found but a cheaper alternative is this comp.The Beast apparently disbanded before recording a full LP, so these are the only recordings they did through Megaforce. Cool set! Rare comp
‘Deeper Into The Vault’ is one of the finest compilation albums ever made. This is not your average cash-in compilation, with songs you already own somewhere else. Megaforce Records was the first major record label concentrating solely on metal. As such they were instrumental in the rise of bands such as Metallica, Anthrax, S.O.D., Mercyful Fate, Raven, Overkill and a whole slew of other acts. Heck, they practically started the whole thrash metal scene on their own! And on ‘Deeper Into The Vault’ they have gone where the title says. This CD is filled to the brim with demos, b-sides, outtakes and rare live tracks. Very few of these songs are readily available elsewhere. But the common nominator is that they are important parts of the metal history!

The ball opens with a demo track from Legacy. This was recorded just months before the band changed their name to Testament. This happened after their singer, Steve Souza, left to join Exodus. “Burnt Offerings” was later on recorded for the bands debut album. But this demo version has a rawer sound, and Steves charismatic voice. Up next are 2 single B-sides from Venom and Mercyful Fate, originally released as 7″ picture discs. The Venom single marks the very first release on Megaforce Records. Unfortunately they have managed to mix up the Mercyful Fate title. The liner-notes erroneously lists it as “Black Funeral”, while in fact it is “Black Masses” that appear on the CD. The live Anthrax tune marks the first ever appearance with Joey Belladonna on vocals. They rarely played this song live after this recording, so its a treat owning it here. The Lone Rager track is supposedly the first ever mix or rap and metal, recorded by label executive Jon Zazula himself, with help from his friends in The Rods. To me its just an easily forgotten spoof song. Other highlights includes the T.T Quick track, the previously unreleased songs by the crossover acts, S.O.D. and M.O.D. (“If The Shoe Fits” was intended as a title track to the album that later became ‘Gross Misconduct’), and the Exciter song.

As you can see, ‘Deeper Into The Vault’ is an essential compilation of anyone who claims to know their metal history.

Megaforce rarities (well, mostly) compilation, with the title and content making it a clear successor to the 1985 From the Megavault LP (and even including 4 tracks originally on that release).  A surprising amount of the material here is still otherwise unreleased on CD.  Excellent compilation overall, although looking back on it now, it’s a sore reminder of how quickly Megaforce lost the plot.
Comes with a 24-panel foldout insert.  The reverse has a collage of vintage Megaforce-related pics (helpfully numbered and indexed), and a reprint of an official complaint letter from the Township of Old Bridge, NJ to the Zazulas (letting bands on tour sleep and rehearse at their home was a zoning violation).

Testament (Legacy) – Burnt Offerings
Chuck’s vocals on the album version have more of a genuinely menacing feel than Steve’s sneering style, but Zetro does throw in some very pleasing OTT screams.  Hard to pick an outright winner–the Testament version, while sharper and thrashier, seems more constricted; the demo version’s guitar solo is oddly low in the mix.

Venom – Acid Queen
Classic Venom.  On here due to licensing deals, in this case being Megaforce’s Immortals of Metal #1picture disc version of the “Die Hard”/”Acid Queen” EP.

Mercyful Fate – Black Masses
Incorrectly listed as “Black Funeral.”  I think this is actually a better choice than “Black Funeral” due to the catchiness of the wailing chorus coupled with those SUPER SUBTLE lyrics about infant sacrifice. GIMME SOME BABY BLOOD!  As with the Venom track, Megaforce released a “Black Funeral”/”Black Masses” Immortals of Metal #2 picture disc EP.

Anthrax – Across the River/Howling Furies (Live Texas)
Always liked how “Across the River” suddenly throws in that Maiden-worship section in the middle.  While I don’t normally think of “Howling Furies” as one of my favorite tracks from the debut, it showcases some fine twin guitaring.  Oh yeah, listen for Joey remarking “nice tits!” towards the end of the song. If the date is correct, Spreading the Disease wasn’t even released, and they were already getting chicks at gigs?  Chicks who flashed, no less?  Amazing.

Lone Rager – Metal Rap
It’s not actual rap music.

Blitzkrieg – Blitzkrieg
The ultimate version of this NWOBHM mega-classic, from the Buried Alive single.  Especially after the last track, it’s rather heartwarming to read in the notes that this was included because of its greatness and influence, not because Megaforce licensed it for a release.

Overkill – Sonic Reducer
One of the best punk-to-metal cover songs, though not particularly rare or desirable since it’s included on virtually all later pressings of Feel the Fire.

TT Quick – Victims
From their ’84 EP, which has yet to see any sort of reissue.  This song (and the EP in general) are heavier and much more in line with the early USPM scene than the band’s later material.  Avoids the more accessible rock influences and AC/DCisms of their first album, and far superior for it.

Raven – Take It Away (Live)
Taken from the Live at the Inferno sessions, but ironically better than anything on the actual album.  Raven’s best/second best song, forever jockeying for position with “Inquisitor.”

S.O.D. – Ram It Up
Inferno cover, though I don’t think it’s identified as such anywhere on the CD.  The Inferno version is quite punkish, whereas the cover has a thrashier/crossover feel and could easily pass as a S.O.D. original.  Vocals sound better than those of the original.  Included on some CD-reissues of Speak English or Die.

The Beast – Is This Life
The Beast – The Shape
2 of the band’s 3 tracks from the excellent Born to Metalize comp., with a pre-Ripping Corpse (and pre-dental surgery) Scott Ruth on vocals.  Solid traditional HM.  “Is This Life” is more straightforward, while the creepy intro, Halloween-themed lyrics, and some Mercyful Fate-esque touches give “The Shape” a clear horror-tinged vibe.
The only material from Born to Metalize available on CD.

M.O.D. – If The Shoe Fits
From the Gross Misconduct recording sessions.  Similar to (and better than much of) the material on the album.

Exciter – Death Revenge
Unreleased track from the Violence & Force sessions.  Another weird exclusion, as it would have been one of the best songs on the album.  Resurrected for several of the band’s 2010-2011 live shows.  I thought for sure it would have been included on the Megaforce reissues of the early albums, but so far it is NOT.


Exciter performance is so over-the-top and contains SO MUCH energy. Laugh all you want, but you’ll sift through 1,000 bands or more before you find another with the raw, manic energy these guys had in their glory days!

Old School Thrash at its very best!!!!,
This is the best Exciter album of all time. To make my review short and to the point, this makes you want to bang your head through the wall!!!!!! Nuff said!!

Exciter is a Canadian speed metal band from OttawaOntario. They are widely considered to be one of the first speed metal bands and a seminal influence of the thrash metal genre. Exciter have sold nearly 300,000 units in the USA and a total sales close to 500,000 units worldwide. Despite many changes in personnel, the band has managed to keep a small but dedicated following for over 30 years.


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