DEEP PURPLE: Black Night CD Anniversary edition 1995. Two different versions and Speed King (Roger Glover – Matching Mix)


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Limited Edition Deep Purple CD EP to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original singles release in 1970.
10,000 were produced and each disc is numbered on the back… 1.Black Night[Roger Glover Remix – Single Version, 3:38] , 2.Black Night [Original Single Version, 3:26] , 3.Black Night [Roger Glover – Matching Mix, 4:22]


1 Black Night (Roger Glover Remix – Single Version) (3:38)
2 Black Night (Original Single Version) (3:26)
3 Speed King (Roger Glover – Matching Mix) (4:22)

When the band had finished with the “In Rock” sessions, the managers of the Harvest label were very enthusiastic about what they had heard, but there was something missing, in their opinion. A song for a single release.

OK, said the band. You’re going to get it. They sat together for about two hours but couldn’t get anything. So, they went out to a pub and stayed there for a while. Roger & Ritchie went back to the studio and the latter started jamming. It sounded very good to Roger and Ritchie told him : “It is borrowed from Summertime – Ricky Nelson”. “You can’t use that” said Roger. Ritchie replied : “Why not? Have you ever heard of it” said Ritchie ? Roger said “No”. And Ritchie to conclude : “Fine” !

Ian Gillan said later : “We borrowed the title from the words of an old Arthur Alexander song. We stole the tempo from On The Road Again (Canned Heat). Roger and I sat trying to write the most banal lyrics we could think of”.

And here you go for “Black Night”. Their highest ranking in the UK charts!

“Black Night” is of course one of the anthems of the band.

The song reflects the growing aspirations of Blackmore, Lord and Paice to move in a more rock orientated direction, a desire which led to the departure of Rod Evans and Nick Simper after the previous “Deep Purple” album. New boys Glover and Gillan add their stamp to the song, the composition of which is democratically credited to all five band members. Gillan’s vocals are far better suited to the heavy rock sound the band had adopted than Evans, the song being driven along by the newly formed Glover/Paice powerhouse. The basic riff of the song is as familiar as the legendary “Smoke on the water”, the lyrics being suitably dark but irrelevant.

The band clearly captured the mood of the singles buying public at the time, the song becoming a huge top 3 hit in the UK. It was around this time that bands such as Black Sabbath, Free, and 10 Years After all enjoyed significant singles chart success, consequently the UK airwaves were for a time full of fine music.

The B-side would become the opening track on the forthcoming LP, which quickly became the band’s most successful album to date. What is extraordinary about this single is its B-side. I played it as much as the A-side actually. It was one of the first songs of “In Rock” (October 69) in gestation, while the superb and heavy intro was first cut in November. The first version was with a piano. This song is another Purple jewel. They could extend it to over fifteen minutes during their live sets and it also belongs to my beloved Purple song.

As a single this one deserves five stars.

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