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Female fronted Gothic Metal Band from Italy. This CD will be great for any one into the female Goth metal with Hard Rock background.
Genre: Gothic Metal
Release Date: 2007

The five-piece, now with a stable formation, decides to cut with the past and calls itself Dead-end Track. In January they disappear for thirteen days to record and mix Ex-otic: the result is rapidly sent to Leif Jensen from Century Media, who responds, even though the recordings came out really fine (with very moody gothic metalrock and vocals that sometimes remind me on Anneke of The Gathering), Century Media wouldnt be interested in a co-operation. This because they already have enough bands signed to the label in a similar style (goth metal with a female vocalist) . So plenty of compliments but nothing more. Tons of demos are sent off to other record labels. In July, Ex-otic is top demo in Flash magazine. Many enthusiastic noises then arrive from labels who claim to be interested, but in the end nothing concrete emerges.

The Dead-end Track is contacted by metal producer Frank Andiver (Wonderland, Shadows of Steel, Labyrinth), with whom, after a few meetings and interviews, an understanding is reached, which allows the group to work long and hard on new material, and to rearrange the older tracks with great care and attention. A series of concerts follows, including the semifinal of Emergenza Rock in the Flog Auditorium, Florence. In the April number of Psycho!, Ex-otic receives plaudits in the reviews section and gets 8 out of 10 for technical capacity and 7 out of 10 for originality. The song Again appears on the Psychosonic! Compilation vol. 44. In that same month, Dead-end Track find out (from the pages of Metal Hammer, n.4) that they are one of three bands chosen from Italy to take part in Young Metal Gods: a contest from the prestigious Noise Records/Sanctury Music, in collaboration with six European metal magazines.

     love it!!!

female-fronted band with beautiful clear voice! Gothic melodic, Serina Italy. After hearing the sample for the first time, I immediately bought the CD!!
     Deadend Track

This is superb.Luisa has lovely vocals!Bought this Cd as soon as I heard the samples and Love it!

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