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Dead Emotions are crossing those boundaries, from death, to black(ish),to doom, to out and out metal, with that added extra spice secretive to themselves making it very difficult to directly compare, which is definitely a good thing. A very tight sounding and tempo changing half way through riff begins things here with the fairly long intro before the singing, reminding us of classic Slayer style construction. A strange but unique and interesting guitar sound sets the standard for the whole record. The deathly grunt vocal is excellent,raging on whilst the riffing does its work, not entirely convinced by the very theatrical backing vocals that intersperse their way in throughout the CD. Dead Emotions put together very good songs with lots of parts that are most unexpected, and wonderful sounding, each song has a riff in there that is slightly off the norm and away from what was predicted.Trying to pin them down to an actual sound is very difficult, the guitar sound is like nothing you’ve ever heard previous, but it works incredibly well and cuts through everything perfectly, but not too much so anything else is lost. All is good on that level. “Dark Desire” has an effected intro, and odd-beat drum paths, but then off it goes sounding like no-one else particularly. “Behind black stars astray” is an epic song, that shows off the most influences, from the Fields of the Nephilim and has some wondrous keyboards on the part where the guitars drop out. If you are into dark gothic metal with plenty of keyboards and hints of progressive death in there, then this album is for you

Full-length, Self-Released / Medusa
August 1999

Recorded at Dreamscape Studio, August 1999
Mixed by Jan Vacik
Cover-Artwork by Dragon Design, Michael Schindler
1. Gates to the unseen 04:19
2. Silence of my damned soul 04:38
3. Dark Desire 05:32
4. Zu Asche mein Haupt 04:40
5. Vereinsamt (nach F. Nietsche) 05:59
6. Leidenschaft in Rot 04:55
7. Behind Black stars astray 03:26
8. Sacrifice 03:58
Total playing time 38:00

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