Danny COWAN GROUP: Drivin Back To Texas CD Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Blues, Soul, Roots! Check audio!


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If you like your guitar TEXAS HOT, you’ve come to the right place!
The Danny Cowan Group is all about original music centered around hot guitar, emotional vocals and musical roots. “Drivin’ Back to Texas” has already received great acclaim.
“You sound great! I was very impressed with the professionalism and musical virtuosity of your band. The vocals and instrumentals were thoughtful and inspiring!”Roger McGuinn, of the legendary 60s group “The Byrds”

“The Danny Cowan Group Serves up some HOT Texas style blues. All the Texas guitar tone is there, along with another Texas tradition, a fine female blues singer fronting the band. This is a classic Texas recipe for good blues…pop open a Lone Star and enjoy! ”

“The Whip – Heres a driving groove a-la ‘Cold Shot’, but by no means a SRV clone. Classic Texas sound without apeing all the cliches! ” Michael, MP3.com radio station manager

“Runnin From The Devils guitar work is excellent. That is the closest I have ever heard to Hendrix’ Crybaby style and still being original. The vocals are awesome too!” Burch, MP3.com viewer

“Heres a POWER Tradition from the line of the masterful Stevie Ray Vaughan! This emotional duo knows what to do about the blues – Just Keep On Rockin! Tasty guitar is good for your heart & soul so settle in for a banquet of personal pain & regret that rivals good ole’ EC! ”

1. Backwards Shuffle [4:13]
2. When the Blues Follow You Home [6:57]
3. Drivin’ Back to Texas [5:06]
4. The Whip [4:17]
5. Runnin’ From th Devil [5:38]
6. I Been Mean [4:26]
7. Lonesome Heart Blues [4:58]
8. Hes the Man [3:11]
9. You Got the Soul [3:43]
10. Blue Is the Color of My Heart [5:01]

5.0 out of 5 starsHoly Smokes! I’m movin’ to Texas!

Great stuff all the way around. Great vocals, songwriting, and guitar playing. Danny knows his way around a guitar up and down and every which a way. Never content to simply replicate his heroes, Danny takes his brand of electric blues guitar to a whole other level adding a passion and a personality all his own. This man can speak on the guitar!
Tracey Cowan’s sultry and earthy vocal’s makes a married man want to do bad things. Swinging phrasing and a melodic delivery separates her from the Janis Joplin school. Fiesty without being bitchy she draws you in and keeps you there. You don’t want to leave either.
The Cowans make a great team. Coupled with their above average songwriting these guys should go far. I can’t believe no one has scouped them up by now and put them on the road. As soon as I hear they’re coming to my town, I’m going to be the first in line at the ticket counter.
Hey, you guys rock! I was born in Fort Worth 49 years ago, left when I was 6 months old and never been back. For you guys I’d make an exception! Incredible, fluid guitar work that oozes with soul and heart-felt emotion! Also excellent are Tracey’s vocals. At once subtle and powerful, she induces shivers with that voice! I’ll say congratulations now, because you WILL experience success on an international level. Rock on!
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Fantastic Texas blues from this group featuring super hot guitar playing and steamy female vocals! What a find! Highly recommended! They should be on a major label already. Check out the guitar playing on When The Blues Follow You Home! The album is full of high quality guitar playing and singing and the songwriting is superlative also! Where can I hear this band play live? Check em’ out you won’t be sorry! Highest rating!!!
I am so impressed by this groups soul talents using there own originality to create such a excellent CD !!! There style is above the typical texas blues that you might expect to hear. The energy and effort by ALL the band (especially Tracey) flow together perfectly, adding a much needed twist on the blues. Being different and to stand out from the rest is what the blue is all about!
Being confused by the differing Amazon ratings of this group which I had heard about…, so next having searched out the Danny Cowan Group website for to sample the tracks: Yes, Yes!

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