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Danger Danger Screw It 1991 Japan CD 1st Press Bonus SRCS-5555 OOP Rare

  • EAN : 4988009555522
  • Record Label : SONY
  • Release Year : 1991
  • Style : Hard Rock
  • Duration : Album
  • Country/Region of Manufacture : Japan
  • Image result for Danger Danger: Screw It! CD JapaneseLabel: Sony ‎– SRCS 5555
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: Japan
    Released: 12 Sep 1991
    Genre:  Hard Rock

    1 Ginger Snaps (Intro)
    2 Monkey Business
    3 Slipped Her The Big One
    4 C’est Loupe (Prelude)
    5 Beat The Bullet
    6 I Still Think About You
    7 Get Your Shit Together
    8 Crazy Nites
    9 Puppet Show
    10 Everybody Wants Some
    11 Don’t Blame It On Love
    12 Comin’ Home
    13 Horny S.O.B.
    14 Find Your Way Back Home
    15 Just What The Dr. Ordered [bonus track]
    16 Yeah, You Want It!
    17 D.F.N.S.

    Record Company – Sony Records – SRCS 5555
    Phonographic Copyright (p) – Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
    Copyright (c) – Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
    Manufactured By – Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

    One of the top 10 definitive ‘hair metal’ albums of all time. Every song on here is singable and rocks. Even the ‘Yeah you want it’ goof off is funny and drops lots of band names. Great CD!! Ted Poley is the MAN!!!

    Ted should have stuck with danger danger and not gone to bone machine/ The comment above says it all

    perfect! wonderful! classic of all time!this CD is one of the best of its time

    this is the best danger danger album. If you like AOR and play guitar you’ll enjoy with every Andy’s note. Contains three of my all times favourites songs ‘Crazy Nites’ , ‘I still think about you’ and ‘Don’t blame it on love’.

    I always loved Danger Danger for 2 reasons: one, Ted Poley. And two, Andy Timmons. Ted has one of the coolest & most recognisable voices in rock ‘n’ roll & Andy kicks some serious ass on the guitar (check out the electric riffs he whips out after the first thirty seconds or so in ‘Beat The Bullet’). I always loved ‘Screw It’ for its pure rockin’ess. It is a true pop metal gem.

    My favorite ‘hair metal’ album of all time. For this genre of music this album is perfect. Love every song and for the life of me can’t understand why bands like Firehouse & Slaughter wet gold while these guys remained a footnote of the time. Perfect pop-metal that doesn’t take itself too seriously!!

    this is the best D2 album. Great party metal. My favorites are Don’t blame it on love and Everybody want some.

    This has to be one of my most prized possessions…Ted Poley has the voice of an angel! Every single song is an absolute gem and they are among the greatest songs to dance to ever. Long live Ted Poley!!!!

    very good album… has some really good song’s on it…my favorite song on the album is Everybody’s want’s some…I recommend this album…

    must have in any serious glam collection-without this piece you haven’t got a taste of music!!!!!

    ”Slipped Her the Big One’ awesome, Unbelievable song, it makes you feel like an animal. A must for anybody who loves hair metal.

    Beat the Bullet and I still think about you ( I am sucker for a ballad) are two of my favorites.  Ted Poley takes you back to the glorious late 80’s with that stuff.

    ‘Get Your Shit Together’ and ‘Monkey Business’ are the only two songs that I remember from this album. I always thought that this band was weak. The biggest problem I have is his voice, very weak. If you like cheese hair rock than you will like this cheese album.

    Man! what an album I love this one and the first one equally. I always listened to tracks 1,2,3,5,6,8,9. But I just discovered ‘comin Home’ man that song is so awesome. It has awesome beats, great vocals, the bass sticks out the most along with the acoustic guitar. Keep rockin friends!

    ‘Comin’ Home’ was one of the FIRST tunes I came to love off ‘Screw It’. Well, that and the reason I decided to buy the album, ‘Beat The Bullet’. Top-notch pop-metal. You keep rocking

    a big fucking 10.perfect. a mix of poison and Bon Jovi but better than them.

    Personalmente este disco es muy bueno pero no tanto como el primero.Pero ahun as’ le doy un 9’5/10

    GREATEST AND BEST CD PURCHASE HANDS DOWN. I actually thought ‘Danger Danger-S/T’ was a little too key-boardy and pretty much disregarded them as anything I wanted to get into until I picked up ‘Screw It.’ Like ‘Hardline- Double Eclipse’ or ‘AC/DC-Highway to Hell’ this CD NEVER lets you down with any fillers or ‘just ok’ songs. To me, this is the perfect blend of ‘Danger Danger,’ and they hit exactly what this band is all about. Sweet CD, awesome songs, KILLER artwork. SEE YA

    This is a really good album. Great melodic hard rock! I personally like: I Still Think About You,Crazy Nites, Everybody Wants Some, and Dont Blame It On Love the best.

    I think I like this one just as much as their first. This one seems to have a whole other attitude than the somewhat keyboard heavy debut. Both are very good albums, but SCREW IT rocks harder.

    the first D2 album was too ‘keyboard-ey.’ This album, however, is the essence of early 90’s hard rock. Got your staple ballad (I still think about you), a nod to our teenage years (Crazy Nites), and of course, tons of songs about sex. I do agree that Ted’s voice is kinda weak, but I think the strength of the band as a whole pulls this album together. I give it a 9.5.


    DD is the best hard rock band of all the time……..Crazy Nites, Don’t Blame it on Love and Beat The Bullet are classics!!

    the song ‘I Still Think About You’ should be a classic. it is one of the best ballads of all time. As for the rest of the cd I think it is very good. i have to give it a 9.9/10. Love this thing.

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