DAN REED NETWORK: The heat [tape] funk rock/ hard rock. Incl. Pink Floyd cover. Check video


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The Dan Reed Network third album, The Heat (1991), was their biggest success in the UK, but their American record label still hadn’t figured out how to promote the band. The band soldiered on without tour support from Mercury/Polygram, including a stint supporting the Baby Animals in Australia, and what would be their final tour through Europe and the U.K. in the summer of 1993.



Release Date: 1991
Duration: 01:04:16
Genre: Pop/Rock
Recording Date: December, 1990 – March, 1991

Dan Reed: vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitars, electric rhythm guitars, acoustic piano
Blake Sakamoto: keyboards, sound programming, background vocals
Melvin Brannon II: bass guitar, background vocals
Brion James: background vocals, acoustic guitars, electro rhythm guitars, lead guitar
Dan Pred: acoustic and electronic drums, percussion programming

1. Baby Now I
2. Blame It On The Moom
3. Mix It Up
4. The Heat
5. Let It Go
6. Love Don’t Work That Way
7. Money Cover: Pink Floyd
8. Chill Out
9. Life Is Sex
10. The Salt Of Joy
11. Take My Hand
12. The Lonely Sun
13. Thy Will Be Done
14. Wake Up
15. Long Way To Go

Proof positive that the world is not a fair place! 3rd fantastic album by DRN. Packed with great songs, attitude, top class musicianship and that special “”classic album”” magic. STILL didn’t get anywhere and had to split up.

The 1st track was played in the movie “”The Cutting Edge.”” There are also some DRN classics on this disc (Salt Of Joy, Long Way to go)

I usually prefer more straight ahead hard rock and metal but have to say that this is a great album. Or rather it the material which is great. Long Way To Go is a real classic.

This album is another excellent tape… a must have!!!
SALT OF JOY is one of the strongest ballads I’ve ever heard. The Heat is a excellent, production is exceptional, perfect, the sound of the drum is something man.
For me this is their best and most solid work. Not a bad track on this album, and it really should have been a huge hit!!!

3rd release by the network that continues in the same way as previous releases.there is so much talent,good musicianship,quality in song writing that makes this record worth buying it.

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