D’ MOLLS: D’ Molls LP. best ’80s Glam sleazy metal, 11 track 1988 Atlantic records USA pressing with inner sleeve. Check video


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never a dull moment [never a time when something exciting is not going on : always something exciting happening]

Category: Sleaze Glam
Year: 1988
Label: Atlantic
Catalog Number: 7 81791-2

Billy Dior: drums, backing vocals
Desi Rexx: lead vocals, rhythm guitars
S.S. Priest: lead guitars
Lizzy Valentine: bass, backing vocals

1. All I Want
2. 777 Seven Seven Seven 777
3. Rally Baby
4. Dressed to Thrill
5. Supersonic
6. Dstroll
7. All Night Long
8. French Quarter
9. Hi N’ Lo
10. Crimes of Fashion
11. A-C-T-I-O-N

Easily one of the top 5 albums of all time, the writing is sharp, the instrumentation is phenomenal and the vocals are sheer brilliance!!!!!!!!!!!!
there’s more than meet the eyes with this band! behind the fantasy/fun lyrics, you can see the personality of the singer, behind the Glammy “clichés”: its POETRY! This is really a big album. Very listenable sleezeball glam. “777” sounds like a sequel to Billy Squier’s “The Stroke”. “All I Want” is a lot of fun.
Another one of those overlooked classics. These guys had not only the image (which they unfortunately toned down on their second platter),the attitude but most importantly the songs. They combined pure bubblegum glam rock with an Aerosmith style vibe. And yes the lyrics are pure poetry! I wish they would get back together.
Pretty Boy Floyd, Tigertailz, Vain and BangGang! You will hear some great musicianship and great compositions!

I remember watching the MTV. I still have this one on lp that i bought when it came out. A classic.
Excellent debut album loaded with sing along choruses and killer hooks. These guys had a unique sound compared to other glam bands of the day.
Wow! What a great party feeling songs! Big parties with a lot of pussys and and plenty of beers are the first things that come in my mind when i listen this fantastic lp…GRAB THIS! …Absolutely No Alternative…
5.0 out of 5 stars The best ’80s glam metal album you’ve never heard,
I came across this absolute gem of an album back in ’88 just after it was released. If you’re a fan of all that L.A. glam rock and you missed D’MOLLS you should hang your hairsprayed head in shame. Kerrang! gave this album a DDDDD rating at the time. (That’s one UP from its top KKKKK rating, kids!) With names like Desi Rexx, Billy Dior, Lizzy Valentine and S.S. Priest, you knew they were gonna either be the worst band you’ve ever heard, or the greatest. Sorry, make that GREATEST!! Low strung riffs, low swung guitars and low, low attitude. A fan of Ratt? D Molls were better. Remember Pretty Boy Floyd? D’Molls were better. Guns n’ who? If one of your guilty pleasures is late 80s L.A. rock (its OK, I won’t tell), then you NEED this album!! (And its follow up, “Warped”) Trust me!

Polish commentary with music (segments from all songs):

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