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With influences ranging from funk, classic rock, pop, and synth-rock, this Bloomington, Indiana four-piece stays away from pigeonholes easily, while creating their own brand of rock music. From the opening synth-pop/rock charge of “”Satisfied,”” the Cutters have no problem gaining your attention. The guitars churn and buzz, while the drums hammer on the notes like thunder. The bass plays a vital role, slamming into the picture with a thick accent that gives the music tight shape. The keyboards are also a vital tool, dancing like raindrops off a window all through the song. The band shows they can also go light on “”Freedom Runs.”” Replacing the electric guitars with an acoustic one, the light pop-rock feel of the song absorbs your feelings and emotions, while also sitting pleasantly next to the charged rock beats that also find their way onto this album. The whole album is like this as well.They’ll spend some time rocking your mind, some time kicking back and just having a fun time letting you sit back and relax, and then they’ll spin your world around some more with keyboards that frolic and fly around like bees on a hot summers day. As a whole this album has it’s rocking moments, it’s thought-provoking ones and a combination of the both. It is a well-rounded album.


Amazing musicians, innovative approaches, and great lyrics.
While “”The Cutters”” may be an emerging band to the rest of the world, I have had the pleasure to sit on the sidelines and watch their success grow. Coming from the big-10 college (and musically inspired) town of Bloomington, Indiana, “”The Cutters”” were unlike any other local band I had ever met.
“”Sonic Wave Love”” represents many years of hard work, dedication, and passion. Going beyond the music and the messages of SWL, the band has incredible talent and potential.
From start to finish, SWL is filled with great songs. The opening song “”Satisfied”” (also a single) draws you into the album with catchy lyrics like “”…tell your accomplices there’s no point to resist…mission impossible to control what exists””. “”Freedom Runs”” is a welcomed mellow song off the album about having the luxury of doing what you want in life while “”Genie”” opens with a fantastic piano melody and talks about getting that one wish. “”Gilgamesh”” showcases some great guitar work in line with the cure’s “”kiss me kiss me kiss me”” and “”wish”” albums while “”26 Days”” is a tribute to cutter’s drummer Pete Wilhoit.
While I could talk about each song, I’ve got to leave some surprises for every listener. If you are absolutely sick of all of the “”me-too”” bands that continue to get famous on “”one-hit wonders”” and then fizzle away, you definitely deserve to treat yourself to this album and this band. I can promise you this band will always put music excellence before money or fame.
Have you felt “”Sonic Wave Love””?


Beyond Category
SonicWaveLove asserts itself as very textured album: probing lyrics, brass back-beats, and Gothic bass-lines. “”Satisfied”” provides alot of energy for first track, whereas “”Big Top”” catches us off-guard with tender lyrics and understated percussion.
The Cutter’s main strength, in my opinion, is their strong sense of structure. The package is tight, guys! Wilhoit has equal mastery of the apprehensive high-hat and the aggressive bad-boy drumming. Maki’s keyboard and eclectic sampling enhances the harmony without calling attention to itself. Calder and Berry work well as a front line, and add much pathos to a very technical showcase.
These guys are hard to peg, but to be “”beyond category”” was Duke Ellington’s highest compliment to musicians. I agree. The tracks are very fresh, and worth the second listen.


Not only a great album but a great band
I don’t have any wise rock words to say about this album except for the fact that I love it. Not only is the album great but every single guy in the band is so nice and happy to be where they are that you can’t help but love them and their music. I am from Indiana and I have had the intense pleasure of seeing them play twice and their energy is amazing and every song is catchy and inviting. You rarely ever hear stuff this fresh in today’s manufactured music. I love this band and their music. Get this album. It will be the best musical decision you’ve made in a long time.


Slick pop-rock with a heart
Listening to this album, I could have sworn I had heard most of these songs before. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though. The big choruses featured on “”Sonic Wave Love”” never go out of style, even as vocalist Berry gets a bit heavy handed in his lyrics as in “”Freedom Runs””. Furthermore, if the fabulous “”Satisfied”” doesn’t become a radio hit, then there is something even more seriously wrong with modern rock radio than I previously thought.


This album ROCKS!!!
I’ve listened to this cd over & over and it rocks! I can’t get it out of my player because I keep finding new gems as I get deeper into the disc. “”Satisfied””, which is the first single, is a killer. Great lyrics, great music. I think this band is going to be very big. I caught them in Chicago at the Metro with The Flys and have been waiting for the CD ever since. They didn’t let me down. You should definitely buy this disc.


Best new rock/alternative band
I saw Cutters live in New York and have been eagerly awaiting the release of their CD ever since. Very rarely does a band come along that packs this much into an album, let alone a first album. This band has a great sound and talent to spare. Sonic Wave Love is the best investment I’ve made in my rock music portfolio. These guys ROCK. Get the album and see them live. Become a fan before everyone else does!


Cutters Rule!!!!
Sonic Wave Love is the best rock album I’ve heard this year. I am amazed at how many quality tracks they packed into this first album. After hearing “”Satisfied”” on the radio I had to buy the CD. That was a wise decision because the rest of the album rocks too. My favorite track is “”Big Top””, I love that freakin song. Do yourself a favor and check out this CD from Cutters”

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