CRYSTAL FATE: Celestial Prophesy CD Power metal. Crimson Glory, Queensryche, Iron Maiden. BILL MAJOROS. Check sample


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(We also sell BILL MAJOROS CDs! He is the leader of this band)

1 Celestial Prophesy
2 March of Doom
3 Against the Gods
4 The Dragon’s Breath
5 Die by the Sword
6 Enchantment
7 Sign of the Times
8 Sacred Flame
9 Strange Eyes
10 One Destiny
Crystal Fate is a new power metal band with marked similarity to Crimson Glory, Queensryche, and Iron Maiden. Their music is highly melodic and the twin virtuoso guitar playing is outstanding! This CD has been selling like crazy in Germany and Scandinavia, where the band’s “”nordic metal”” sound is much in demand.

Recent review by Metal Rules (Germany):
“”Ultra heavy cult. Reading about the band’s one and only source of inspiration it finally took me away… CRIMSON GLORY !!! Thus put the CD into my player with trembly hands hoping that my most secret wishes will come true. And what shall I say, I didn’t get disappointed. Most brilliant US Metal with epic elements in the vein of CRIMSON GLORY, good old IRON MAIDEN and QUEENSRYCHE as well. Thus a hit into the centre for every US Metal freak glorifying the 80s. Great guitar riffs, a real good vocalist and fantastic melodies. A MUST HAVE

Recommended if You Like: Crimson Glory, Iron Maiden, Queensrÿche


Great cd!!! The singer sounds like Bruce Dickinson. Very good guitar work. Classic us metal like Queensryche, Crimson Glory, Fifth Angel. A must for all true metal fans.
powerful melodic piece of metal close to Crimson Glory.

This CD rocks and comes very close to acts like Crimson Glory and old Qeensryche. The guitars are great, but the vocals lacks a bit and could be more clean. All in all a fine debut.

Stellar disc filled to the brim with atmospheric power metal, heavily inspired by Crimson Glory’s second outing ‘Transcendence’. Highly recommended.
    Great old-school crimson glory metal!!

Awesome debut! Vocals are good ,but not in the realm of Midnight, Tom Mallicot, Geoff Tate or William Wren.In all a good debut effort… 
    Very good. These guys could rule in Europe.
     A Metal Masterpiece

Great power metal!In vein of CRIMSON GLORY and IRON MAIDEN.OUTSTANDING,AND A CLASSIC!!!!Buy this CD!!!

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