CRO MAGS: Revenge CD [Hardcore Legends reunite] Check samples
CRO MAGS: Revenge CD [Hardcore Legends reunite] Check samples
CRO MAGS: Revenge CD [Hardcore Legends reunite] Check samples

CRO MAGS: Revenge CD [Hardcore Legends reunite] Check samples


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Hardcore Legends reunite. The band that made what is probably the greatest single ,hardcore record of all time (Age of Quarrel) is back with a full length. Brand new,recordings by Harley and Paris. You have to buy the latest recording from the leaders of N.Y Hardcore.


1.Premeditated-2:24 2.Jones-1:50 3.Can You Feel?-4:19 4.My Life-2:56 5.Tore Up-2:16 6.Without Her-3:13 7.Pressure Drop-2:41 8.Open Letter-1:49 9.Don’t Forget-2:24 10.Steal My Crown-2:26 11.These Streets-2:21 12.Fireburn-2:30

After nearly a decade, a resurrected studio album. RARE, out of print.

Cro-Mags includes: Harley Flanagan (vocals, bass); Parris Mayhew (guitar); Dave DiCenso (drums).Additional personnel: Rocky George (guitar).


Appearing nearly a decade after the previous album, the largely disappointing Near Death Experience, Harley Flanagan resuscitated the Cro-Mags — at least temporarily — and issued a few albums in 2000. Revenge, a disc of studio material from the newest incarnation (also with original guitarist Parris Mayhew and Suicidal Tendencies’ Rocky George), is surprisingly good hardcore. Fortunately for long-time fans, the Cro-Mags, with Harley singing in place of the deposed John Joseph, who were often considered the toughest of the New York acts, have not mellowed with age, nor followed any crossover metal/rap hybrid trends. In fact, Revenge is stone-solid, and as beefy as a slab of Angus. What’s most peculiar is the sudden emergence of more melodic aspects beneath the imposing tough-guy veneer. This is melodic hardcore along the lines of early-’80s Misfits, and bears immediate sonic resemblance to Walk Among Us. Assuredly, Flanagan’s vocals are menacing, which, of course, is what one would expect and probably hope for.


5.0 out of 5 stars Finally a follow up worthy of Best Wishes and Age Of Quarrel
You wouldn’t be blamed for giving up on these guys after the atrocious “”Near Death Experience”” or even the marginally ok “”Alpha-Omega”” but I guess I’m a glutton for punishment for the killer bands of my youth. That’s not to say I bought this on blind faith. I heard Perris Mitchell Mayhew was back in the band and a quick glance of him and Harley on the cover of this record confirms it. He was the driving creative force behind their classic debut “”Age Of Quarrel”” and the more metallic follow up “”Best Wishes””. Those are both utter classics in my book so hearing he was back was all the incentive I needed to pick this up.

Needless to say I was not disappointed. This doesn’t touch their groundbreaking early work but this is a very solid record that finally deserves to bear the Cro-Mags name. Musically it’s sort of bi-polar with a hardcore song followed by a kind of hard-edged pop punk song pretty much throughout the entire record. While I enjoy the hardcore song, the big surprise is how good the poppy songs are. Not only are they snappy, well-written with some great hooks, but Harley shows off his range by singing in a bit higher octave. Plus they maintain a keen edge to the guitars so it doesn’t come across as bubblegum punk at all. It kind of makes you wonder if they could have had a second career outside of Cro-Mags playing this style.

Of course most of you will be interested to hear if this delivers the hardcore goods and it definitely does. The hardcore songs sound like a crossover between the straightforward speed and aggression of “”Age Of Quarrel”” and the metallic leanings of “”Best Wishes”” with Harley’s trademark bass playing powering through the mix.


5.0 out of 5 stars the cro-mags crawl from the rumble yet again to prove themselves legends
The cro-mags live again ,this should have been the cd to replace AOlll but A.O had blood clot and doug holland to the mix?something is missing from this but i’ll not sure what.I think this cd is aggressive and brutal but soulfull. Great cd, great sond most of them even if 5 songs are from the white devil days( my personal favorite 5 songs)the cro-mags are legends and the have been reborn but their rebirths are some times disastrous reunions shows or mini tours and some times cds. Since AOQ & BW this is the best I fear I’ll ever hear from them. harley and parris are the back bone but the need something else to sell cromags completely again.98 points out of 100


5.0 out of 5 stars Legends of NYHC
Alongside Leeway’s Born to Expire, Age of Quarrel is the greatest hardcore record ever. It’s a brutal, in your face assault straight from the gutters of the Lower East Side. After AOQ, the band ventured into more of a metal (crossover) sound, which disappointed many of their fans including myself, but I adjusted quickly with Best Wishes and Alpha-Omega. After years of line-up changes, bickering and fighting between band members Harley and Parris managed to put their differences aside for a minute and released Revenge in 2000. Revenge is well produced and catchy as hell it shows the punk side of the Cro-Mags without losing the hardcore sound or feel, it’s a must buy for any fan. Just wish the AOQ line-up would have stuck around for all five releases I’m sure they would have sounded different. Harley sounds great on Revenge but John Joseph has the best voice in hardcore.


5.0 out of 5 stars Francisco Burgos’ “”Rhapsody”” is Classical Guitar at its best
The CD “”Rhapsody”” by classical guitarist and composer Francisco Burgos is an excellent CD for anyone who enjoys guitar, classical or otherwise. The song selection is excellent, including some classical guitar standards, some Flaminco, and some original pieces that all seem to fit together. The playing is phenomenal and the recording/production is among the best I have heard. I have a reasonable collection of classical guitar CD’s, including John Williams,. Eliott Fisk and others, but this is by far the favorite of my collection. I highly recommend this excellent CD.”

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