CRESTFALLEN: S/T Impressive Paper pack CD [hardcore] w. MINOR THREAT and CRAMPS covers. Check samples


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Robotic Empire Records. Impressive Paper pack. Fast, heavy, thrashy – Crestfallen had a lot in common musically with their Virginia brothers in Pg.99 and Majority Rule. Their music managed to be insanely energetic while an undertone of darkness and melancholy seemed to creep into every song. Highly recommended.


Crestfallen – Crestfallen
Label:Robotic Empire   robo 027
Format:CD, EP, Limited Edition
Released:12 Aug 2003
Genre:Hardcore, Metalcore, Screamo, Emo Violence, Thrash

1 Backlashed 1:37
2 Spread Bald Eagle 2:28
3 Rogue Rodeo 1:55
4 Sucker Punks F**k Off 0:06
5 Early To Bed, Early To Rise Again 3:22
6 Untitled 1:06
7 Minor Threat 1:32      originally performed by Minor Threat.
8 Human Fly 2:11 originally performed by The Cramps.

Approximately 1000 copies printed.

With such gorgeous packaging, a cardboard gatefold complete with fold out poster/lyric sheet and classy (not to mention classic) artwork, one might be a bit surprised at the over-the-top violence and harshness of the music served up by CRESTFALLEN. Heavily influenced by the PG.99/DEP/RED CHORD metalcore sound, CRESTFALLEN sound like they want to do you physical harm with every note they play. Although rife with neo-metallic influences and grindcore sensibilities, CRESTFALLEN still manage to pay homage to their punk/hardcore roots with MINOR THREAT and CRAMPS covers and linear notes that are pure punk. If you get the idea this CD has got it all, then you are correct. Give yourself a gold star, then go buy this]

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