CONFLICT: Its time to see who’s who Gatefold LP. Check samples


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Studio album by Conflict
Released: March 1983
Recorded: July-November 1982, Southern Studios, London
Genre: Anarcho-punk
Label: Corpus Christi

songs samples:

Track listing:
“”Young Parasites””
“”Kings & Punks””
“”Meat Means Murder””
“”No Island Of Dreams””
“”Great What?””
“”The Guilt & The Glory””
“”1824 Overture””

“”Bullshit Broadcast””
“”One Nation Under The Bomb””
“”Blind Attack (Part 2)””
“”Vietnam Serenade””
“”Blood Morons””
“”Crazy Governments””
The final track is not listed on the sleeve or label, but seems to be called “”Accepting””.

Line up:
Colin  · vocals
John  · bass guitar
Paco  · drums
Steve  · guitar
Paul  · visuals, tapes
Gemma & Mandy  · additional vocals

5.0 out of 5 stars A stunning debut,
This is a punk classic. I can remember buying the LP and then getting another one just in case anything ever happened to the first record! Fantastic driving guitars, extremely tight, searing lyrics. Brilliant anthems all of them.
– What is it with people who talk about production quality? There nothing wrong with it and it a punk album for god sake..


5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant raw passionate first album… This is definitely the best Conflict album. It is more musical and diverse in style than subsequent releases. This album is thought provoking from start to finish and each track stands out in style from the rest. You can hear the raw passion in each piece of work.

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