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Label: Elektrohasch
Released: 2006
Time (minutes): 48
Tracks: 8
Format: CD
Stoner Psych Rock, Psychedelic

Can Stonerrock be meditative? Colour Haze can do it! If you don’t believe, let them build an own aural temple in your living room.

….Ein wahrer Stoner- & Rocktempel in dem ungläubige und jene die ihren Glauben verloren haben sollten, geläutert werden. Die Instrumentalpassagen auf dem Album werden immer länger und ausufernder, ohne dabei an Substanz & Energie zu verlieren, ich habe ohnehin das Gefühl das COLOUR HAZE auf diesem Werk psychedelischer denn je sind. Auf der einen Seite rocken sie, auf der anderen Seite malen sie mit Feedback & Fuzz surreale Soundbilder, die Rhythmus/Bass Sektion führt dich in vertrackte Labyrinthe, verliert dabei nie den Faden, ist stets am Rollen und auch der Fuzzgitarrensound ist hier besser denn je.

Manfred Merwald drums
Phillip rest Hoffer bass
Stefan Koglek guitar, vocals

Guest musicians:
Christian Hawe Creator organ on “Mind,” “Gold & Silver”

1st Aqua Maria 8:46
2nd Fire 5:49
3rd Mind 3:02
4th Temple 8:31
5th Gold & Silver 6:39
6th Earth 4:03
7th Ocean 4:32
8th Strato Farm 6:58
Total running time 48:20

The German heavy psychedelic trio “Colour Haze” propose to “stamp” his sixth studio release. So far, I only knew the group from the first piece of ” … and the curse of the universe “- CD, in which they accompany musical Timo Lommatzsch with heavy, hypnotic riffs.

Thus the key concepts are already known: heavy, hypnotic and heavy and psychedelic. From the heavy rock of the late sixties is the often slow and still grooving rhythm of bass and drums, the flowing of the psychedelic guitar improvisations. Together they create a style that allows depending on the perspective of the Grateful Dead as a heavy metal band, Black Sabbath, or to think of as a hippie group.

Foundation for Stefan Kogleks trips is the rhythm section. Always solid play, she commutes between varied ethnic, rock and jazz influences. Koglek times sounds like a delicate and clean, only to then extricate distorted riffs as hard as concrete. The best example of the title song, which begins almost tender and develops a similar mantra of a very jazzy guitar improvisations, to a heavy metal piece. The mantra-like structure of the songs is another feature of the group, which constitutes the charm of this CD. That it quieter, almost ambient sound structures dominate even just shows, at first, “Ocean” – shimmering guitar lines, then gently float to show the rest of the ocean, distorted riffs to reveal the impact of such a storm. Similarly gently for Colour Haze and “Strato Farm” is – that goes back in the direction of “jazz-inspired improvisation” in the style of the early Dead.

The singing is mostly “just” another melodic instrument, only in “Mind”, “Silver & Gold” and “Earth” is clearly recognizable lead vocals. In the former, there are two successful Hammondorgeleinlagen the guest musician Christian Hawe creator. The music does not diminish but, on the contrary, they should remove this feature. However, the latter two fall into my ears to the more instrumental held, because they use a more conventional song by singing the scheme.

Similar to the colleagues of Trigon , the same occupation have a slightly different direction musically, Colour Haze offers a completely successful performance for fans of the harder guitar-oriented music with a psychedelic twist. I can imagine that this music live is a much stronger effect – if the ears join 🙂

Colour Haze – Aquamaria (Live WDR TV):

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