CIRCLE OF SOUL: Hands Of Faith CD (Hollywood Records) Heavy Funk. Funk / Hard Rock Masterpiece. Check audio samples (edits from every single song)


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SAMPLES (edits from every single song): If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here   or
1. War 4:04
2. Stone in My Shoe 4:43
3. Shattered Faith 4:12
4. Rusted Love 3:58
5. Shed a Tear 3:50
6. One Kiss 4:23
7. Hard in the City 4:43
8. Ghetto Grind 3:42
9. Mission Boogie 3:48
10. Long Arm of the Law 5:30
11. 99 Pounds 3:57

Total Running Time: 46:50

Joseph Mastrokalos vocals, guitar
Granny Cleveland vocals, guitar
Aaron Brooks drums
Brian Spangenberg bass
Newt Cole percussion

5.0 out of 5 stars 1991 was a good year,
This album came out just short of the Grunge assult. There were so many bands that got “”juked”” as a result of the Kurt Cobain era! These guy had a very cool sound mixed with a funky hard drivin’ Lenny Kravitz type vocal and decent guitar riffs. I guess the album just came out at the wrong time. Give this album a listen, these songs still hold up today!
Lord, how I miss 1991………..

5.0 out of 5 stars Funk/Hard Rock Materpiece,
I can still remember hearing this for the first time…how it blew me away with it great mix of funky hard rock music and great musicianship. This just to me was one of the best debuts back in 1991. A good comparison I can think of to the killer heavy funk on this, is a dash of Living Colour heavier moments, a bit of Dan Reed Network only much more hard rockin’…an a touch of Bang Tango & Guns & Roses when they play their more rockier stuff…if you liked any of these bands then you really need to check this disc out… “”Hands Of Faith”” which to me is a classic CD in my collection.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great music, Really good album of hard melodic funk rock…Great potential here…could’a been a contender…life is not fair.

Great sound for the time although they might have been a hair too late seeing that Nirvana Nevermind was released the same year. Nobody was paying any attention as a result. Too bad for Circle of Soul and loads of other bands like them. Not a good time in Rock history as far as I’m concerned.

I actually must say I think these guys are quite good. Remind me a lot of Crown of Thorns, and not just because there are African American band members. The vocals remind me, and a couple of very cool melodic hard rock songs confirm it, for me anyway.

Very cool groove to this band. Funky but melodic. I like it.

Good album. Melodic funky hard rock reminds me a little bit Living Colour.The singer also reminds me mike patton’s voice on “”the real thing””

I hate bands with funky groovs like DAN REED NETWORK or the CHILLI PEPPERS, but this band is cool. They could have been a mega selling band, cause they are pretty cool, hard rock with energy and vibes.

Exactly shoemaker!!!….””Rusted Love””,””One Kiss””,””Hard In The City”” & “”99 Pounds”” are really good and songs…but to be honest the whole album is pretty wild so if you can grab it,do it!!!.90/100

Circle of Soul brings a Motownish vibe backed by a wall of Marshalls



By Steve Newton

From the groovy way guitarist/vocalists Joie Mastrokalos and Granville Cleveland mesh musically, you’d expect that the two players would have hit it off, buddy-wise, right from the start. But before they formed Circle of Soul, Mastrokalos once chased Cleveland around the Bay Area with a .38.

That’s not what friends are for.

“Me and him never really liked each other when we first met,” explains Mastrokalos. “We always played in rival bands. And then one day I sold him my Marshall amplifier for, like, $450. He gave me $50 and said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll settle the whole thing up in the next couple of weeks.’ And I didn’t see the motherfucker for about three months!

“Then one day my room-mate came home from a party and said, ‘Hey man, Granny’s down there at this party, and it looks like he’s spendin’ a lotta money.’ So I jumped in a cab—it was two in the morning—and raced down there. When Granny saw me he barrelled out of a window and started running, and I’m chasin’ him with a fuckin’ gun down the streets of downtown San Francisco!

“About a week later he came over to my house and knocks on the door, and he kinda stands back about 10 feet and goes, ‘Hey man, I got your money!’ ”

Mastrokalos claims that he never did get fully paid for that used amp, but he and Cleveland managed to overlook the debt long enough to form a band. Neither were getting anywhere without the other at that point, anyway.

“I told Granny, ‘Look, you’re not doin’ what you really want to do, and I’m not doin’ what I really want to do, and we both wanna do the same thing.’ So he came by my house, and we wrote five songs the first day; it just clicked right from the get-go. I mean, I’m like the Spanish version of him, and he’s like the black version of me. We’re both the same height, we’re both the same build, and we both play Les Pauls. I had met my evil twin!”

When Circle of Soul plays Club Soda this Monday (August 19) it’ll be the first Vancouver appearance by Mastrokalos since his days in the punk band Verbal Abuse, which had performed at local joints like the Smilin’ Buddha and John Barley’s in the early ’80s. Back then the native New Yorker was listening to groups like the Ramones and the Dead Boys, but now—as evidenced by Circle of Soul’s debut album, Hands of Faith—he’s gotten into more of a hard-rock/soul/funk kinda thing.

“When me and Granny started writing,” he says, “we liked to listen to old Temptations and Marvin Gaye. So a lot of the songs that we were writing sounded real Motownish—but with this wall of Marshalls behind.”

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