Chrystina TOMLIN: Bitter Twisted Wrong CD (Sealed). Strong female Modern Rock singer. Alanis Morissette etc.


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Funky soulful rock with a strong undertone of angst
Genre: Rock: Modern Rock
Release Date: 2006
Recommended if you like:
Alanis Morissette

Chrystina has never quite conformed. Sacrificing her social life from day one. Songwriting from the age of 10 yrs old Chrystina loved performing whether in or out of school. In 1998 Chrystina joined a Theatre Arts Group in Aylesbury, enrolled at The Arts Educational School in 1999 staying there for 4 yrs. Covering academic and vocational studies such as: ballet, jazz, tap, vocal performance, flute, drama and teaching herself the piano. After covering such a broad field of subjects, Chrystina found that her focus needed more guidance, in 2004 she went to The Christine Holmes Academy of Performing and Recording Arts, home to Lonely Tonights inspiration. After a year of being away from home Chrystina decided to start things moving in the real world and auditioned as much as possible, not really getting any call backs for anything legit. It was time to bite the bullet, after an eventful year Chrystina has certainly brought it all to the table with her Debut Album ‘Bitter Twisted Wrong’. “I would say it is an exersion of my emotions through challenging situations I’ve faced.” Says Chrystina “Its just part of who I am.” Lyrics shooting slightly below the belt and producing quality ready for the charts, Chrystina and Producer Phllip Goss worked well together to create a fresh sound, like it or not!!

Loved the album, its great to listen to an album with something to say. superb musicianship, great vocals, meaningfull lyrics. Particulaly liked- No More great acoustic guitar with your stunning vocals. Well done, lets have more.


new and sealed CD

your demise
stand corrected
no more
bitter twisted wrong
lonley tonight
losing you
never ever
your way

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