CHARGER: Confessions Of A Man (Mad Enough To Live Among Beasts) CD PROMO. Sludge greats. Check samples


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CHARGER (UK): Confessions Of A Man (Mad Enough To Live Among Beasts)

Label: Peaceville ‎– CDVILEP6
Format: CD, Promo
Country: UK
Released: 2003
Genre: Black MetalDoom Metal

1 Ultra Violet Flyer 6:33
2 God Made Us In The Image Of His Ass 6:58
3 Pennies For Soil 3:44
4 Chide And Harmonize 7:42
5 Carbon Wings 5:32
6 Airtank Face Pincers 9:30
7 5:07
8 A Ventilation System For Cooling Poultry 13:31

Charger: sharper, harder, meaner, leaner than anything else in Britain  Metal Hammer. Charger’s is a world of down-tuned, fuzzed-up, megatronic slabs of distorted noize, combined with powerful and emotionally driven lyrics. Combining guitar sludge they have produced a chaotic cacophony of ultra-evil grinding bass, colossal riffs, pounding beats, and some decidedly disturbing vocals.
This British crew deserve points for serving up some ultraheavy, ultradistorted sludge that should make fans of Buzz0v*en take notice, but might put those same fans to sleep if they listen to the album straight through.
One great thing about this album is that Charger definitely likes to swing. Just about every song has a section somewhere in it where the band drops into some awesome swamp groove: the 5:08 mark of “”God Made Us in the Image of His Ass”” (that’s an awesome song title-it sums up the attitude of all great sludge in a few succinct words); the 5:45 mark of “”Chide and Harmonize;”” the 7:15 mark of “”Airtank Face Pincers.”” As much as this sounds like the first wave of sludge greats, there are some other influences lurking around and churning through these songs. A few of the up tempo sections are like D-beat filtered through the claustrophobia of later-era Converge. “”A Ventilation System For Cooling Poultry,”” maybe because of the drums or the strange guitar sound, is damn-near black metal in the fast sections, although black metal as played by Iron Moneky worshippers. There is a little freeform instrumental noise rocking going on, combining the dexterity of Keelhaul with the heaviness of Grief or Toadliquor. Thankfully Charger doesn’t fall prey to the same temptations as so many other modern sludge bands; they never wanders into psychedelia (there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that when done with taste and restraint, but those words are sadly lacking from too many bands’ vocabularies) or prog rock (complexity for complexity’s sake belongs in sludge about as much as Christianity belongs in black metal), instead they keep it nice and heavy and slugdy throughout the entire album.
Confessions… is another one of those sludge metal albums that when you’re listening to it, it’s fucking awesome. You can bang your head, pump your fist, even shout along with the unintelligible screams;
Recorded and produced by Billy Anderson and Charger, Mighty Atom Studios, Swansea, Wales, October 2002.

4.0 out of 5 stars heavy,slow,fuzzed out metal
this is doom metal at times,at other times it is fast enough to knock down a herd of rhinos,doom metal isn’t that interesting as far as i’m concerned but this has enough variety to it to ensure it isn’t doom metal as in st. vitus or cathedral so all is good as far as that’s concerned.
we have seven songs here and an album that clocks in at 5o minutes roughly and there isnt a boring minute on here,we have sludgey riffs and drum blasts along with frantic riffs and screams that can leave you trembling in the corner,the highlight of the album is the sublime song god made us in the image of his ass which is a beast of a number,i threw a wee pun in there for you,the song has a variety of genres and is as fast as a cheetah in a ferrari as it is slow at times and i like that mix,charger are amazing live as well and this album cant be ignored,can it?

5.0 out of 5 stars Harder Than Nails,
Charger are possibly the hardest band playing in the UK at the moment and this awesome recording is testament to that.
Every track is steaming with an overt ferocity and a hyper charged agner that will leave you bruised and battered, the unrelenting aural assault will draw you back to the mosh pit again and again and you will be thankful.

The stand out tracks are the psychotic ‘Ultra Violent Flyer’, the screaming ‘God Made Us In The Image…’ and the thundering attack of ‘Airtank Face Pincers’.

This is an excellent CD from a band who are yet to reach their full potential, watch this space…

5.0 out of 5 stars brutal
this is the daddy, sent shivers down my spine when i first heard it
makes raging speedhorn sound like busted”

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