CERBERUS / Seethe: split CD Rare / hard to find / limited very METAL /Thrash Metal. CHECK AUDIO SAMPLES by Seethe


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CERBERUS / Seethe: split

(Independent – Rivers Recordings)



Odd tracks by Seethe – Even tracks by Cerberus

While it has always been a very popular modus operandi for young bands on a tight budget eager to get themselves heard outside the rehearsal room, split EPs carry with them the distinct problem that either act is in danger of outshining the other. Although Seethe are not the world’s worst band, when compared to fellow Milton Keynes-based quartet Cerberus, they are deftly blown out of the water. Playing a fairly tepid brand of melodic death metal, Seethe occasional manage to ascend past the mediocre, particularly on “”Darkness Falls””; but while it is most certainly noteworthy that such a youthful band (all members are aged 16-18) could put together something as technically proficient as this to begin with, Seethe lack the personality and character to be anything other than a run-of-the-mill metal band. Cerberus, on the other hand, share Seethe’s teenage exuberance, but play like a band twice their age. An unhinged, angry affair, the three songs which they contribute can best be compared to acts like Crowbar, Eyehategod and Mastodon. Chris Milliken’s voice spits pure venom and the duelling guitars of Simon Lubbock and Adam Hefferon outshines a fair amount of what passes for signed artists these days. With the right producer and right level of backing, these youngsters could very easily become a pretty hefty force to be reckoned with, and I shall certainly be looking forward to whatever they have to offer next

Big Cheese – ”Theirs is a sound that kills. It’s like Fred Durst never happened” (4/5)
Metal Hammer – ”Seethe are my favourite band from England” (9/10)
Live 4 Metal – ”Just when you think the British scene is dead, a cd like this comes along and renews your faith in British Steel.”
Alt UK – ”this is one of the best Heavy Metal CDs that I have heard for a long time.””
Raw Nerve – ”Seethe are now very much on their way to being a class UK thrash-core unit.”


Ok then, this is just getting weird now! This is another CD from Milton Keynes featuring two very fine young bands of the metal genre. They show that it is not just Punk and Ska that Milton Keynes does well -it is metal as well and undeniably this is an awesome release.
Tracks, 1,3, and 5 (Bloodbath of Vengeance, Exhumed Justice

, and Darkness Falls) are presented to you by Seethe, a band showing that nu-metal is not the only type of metal that can be produced by bands these days, and metal in its finest form is still around for your listening pleasure. The drumming is fast, the bass lines are gritty, the guitar playing is strong, and the vocals are heavy and done in a true metal fashion -with power, aggression, and a big dollop of style! Seethe are extremely talented young musicians taking influences from such bands as Slayer, Sepultura and Iron Maiden and you can really hear this in their music as they seem to take these bands, mix them all together and then put in their special ingredient, the Seethe factor! As well as the heavy side of their music there is also quite a melodic side that also comes into play at times with the guitars creating this effect and giving it that all melodic feel. They are heavy, they are metal and they are ready to take the country by storm! The band seem to have their own, fully developed sound and by the looks of things know exactly where they are going with their music. These three fine tracks are sure to impress anyone that has any taste because they are great to be honest and not liking them probably should be (if not already) a crime.
Ok, the other band here is Cerberus -another Milton Keynes heavy metal band that are well worth checking out. They supply the tracks ‘On Your Knees,’ ‘Necromancer,’ and ‘Cerberus.’ These are all long tunes that are in no fear of losing momentum, keeping a fast pace throughout, really getting inside your body and beating around. Again they have the correct ingredients to make a good heavy metal band, with drumming that is fast and heavy, bass lines that are slick, guitar playing that is totally amazing, and vocals that are heavier than Rik Waller. This band however have no melodic side to them whatsoever, they are heavy through and through showing no signs that they are likely to ever change that and this really works well for them. The vocals are a distinct factor in the bands tremendous talent as they are extremely strong and considering these guys are all between 16 and 18 they don’t half put one hell of a tune together! This is truly heavy stuff that will put a smile on metal fans, and non metal fans alike leaving them pleased to have heard such a new and exciting band. It is strange to find two such great bands on one split CD but I have and I am happy that I have because I had not heard of either of these bands before now but the two names will be sure to stick in my mind for a long time to come!
These two are sure to cause a stir in the scene as they both have great talent for what they do, creating some amazing metal tunes that you really have to hear to fully appreciate just how good they are. They are both shouty, energetic, talented, young (and probably soon loaded!) bands that are well worth your hard earned cash so make sure you buy this one! Its not for the faint hearted mind so avoid it if you are easily offended.

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