CELTIC FROST: Parched With Thirst Am I and Dying CD RE-MASTERED, no booklet. Rare songs, hard to find songs etc. Check all samples


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Parched with Thirst Am I and Dying is a compilation album of the Swiss extreme metal band Celtic Frost released in 1992. It consists of album tracks, demos and various other recordings of the band.
Released 1992
Recorded September 1985-November 1991
Genre: Death metal, Black metal, Thrash metal, Avant-garde metal
Length 72:33
Label Noise Records
Producer Celtic Frost
SAMPLES:   http://picosong.com/vTA9       OR     https://clyp.it/huzjd0sf?token=d167d9b31b26315858730e9fa959a7ab
1. “Idols Of Chagrin” (new) 4:10
2. “A Descent To Babylon (Babylon Asleep)” (EP release only) 4:28
3. “Return To The Eve” (1985 studio jam) 4:08
4. “Juices Like Wine” (re-recorded 1991) 4:18
5. “The Inevitable Factor” (previously unreleased) 4:40
6. “The Heart Beneath” 3:52
7. “Cherry Orchards” (radio edit) 4:04
8. “Tristesses De La Lune” 3:01
9. “Wings Of Solitude” 4:40
10. “The Usurper” (re-recorded 1986) 3:29
11. “Journey Into Fear” (previously unreleased) 3:55
12. “Downtown Hanoi” (re-recorded 1991) 4:12
13. “Circle Of The Tyrants” 4:40
14. “In The Chapel In The Moonlight” (EP release only) 2:07
15. “I Won’t Dance (The Elders Orient)” (radio edit) 3:51
16. “The Name Of My Bride” 4:33
17. “Mexican Radio” (1991 studio jam) 3:25
18. “Under Apollyons Sun” (new) 5:36

Tom Gabriel Fischer “Warrior” – Guitars, Vocals
Martin Eric Ain – Bass
Stephen Priestly – Drums
Reed St. Mark – Drums
Oliver Amberg – Guitar
Curt Victor Bryant – Bass

Quite the title and quite appropriate for this career-spanning compilation, from the bands earliest recordings in 1984 up through 1992. Unfortunately the liner notes aren’t all they could be, listing the origins of some of the tracks but not all. A fair amount are true rarities, though, including cuts from EPs, re-recordings and studio jams, not to mention an unreleased cut or two. Perhaps unsurprisingly, To Mega Therion and Into the Pandemonium cuts feature prominently, though some of the more successful cuts from later albums crop up as well.
The emphasis is mostly on the doom-shadowed side of the bands work than its sometimes striking genre explorations, though the joys of “Tristesses de la Lune” and a live-in-the-studio rerecording of “Mexican Radio” help leaven up proceedings. Its amusing to hear Warriors voice change from time to time as the cuts move backward and forward chronologically, from the earlier roars and yelps to the smoother, sleazier approach later on. Add in the sometimes portentous and sometimes lustfully moaning female guest vocals for effect, and things definitely were a most surprising brew sometimes in Frostland. As for the roiling death stomp material the band made its name with, cuts like the vicious Therion tracks “The Usurper” and “Circle of The Tyrants,” to name but two standouts, make it clear that it wasn’t all hype. Appropriately corroded cover art and the full source of the title quote — an ancient Greek/Roman prayer — add to the veneer of historical weight the band played around with more than once.

5.0 out of 5 stars The best Celtic Frost you’ve never heard,
Despite their enormous influence on extreme metal, Celtic Frost are just too weird to allow them to attract a huge following. However, their fans are as loyal as they come, and those fans will find much to enjoy on this CD.
This is not a greatest hits collection. It pre-dates Monotheist and contains very few tracks from Morbid Tales and To Mega Therion. Instead, it is an incredible overview of their music and contains some brilliant rare material from various phases in their career that even the casual fan will enjoy.

I will discuss the songs by chronological order rather than track listing, since it illustrates the evolution of the bands sound. “Journey Into Fear” (1985) is a demo-quality recording with Reed St. Mark and was never released. It is a fascinating if not great song with bits of “The Third Of The Storms”, “Into The Crypts Of Rays”, and “Jewel Throne” thrown in. “The Inevitable Factor” (1987) is an Into The Pandemonium-era song featuring Warriors “tragic” vocal style that is quite good and could have easily made it onto the album. “In The Chapel In The Moonlight” (1987) is a catchy thrash version of the Dean Martin classic that is just plain fun. The underrated Vanity/Nemesis record is well represented with “A Descent To Babylon” (1989), a very good B-side release, as well as “The Heart Beneath”, “Wings Of Solitude”, and “The Name Of My Bride”.

Two gems on the record are “Juices Like Wine” and “Downtown Hanoi” (1991), re-recordings of songs off the much-maligned Cold Lake record which sound much heavier and more aggressive than the original versions. History would regard Cold Lake more kindly if the entire album were re-recorded this way (and if they got rid of the violet cover and hideous band photographs).

Finally, what really makes this collection worth buying are two songs that were recorded for an album that Celtic Frost would never complete. “Idols Of Chagrin” (1991) has a bit of a funk groove but typical Celtic Frost heaviness and “Under Apollyon’s Sun” (1991) is a crushing, doomy behemoth. Both are great songs that sound unlike anything the band had previously recorded. Alas, what could have been.

All in all, a unique collection of rarities and a definite must have for the Celtic Frost aficionado. For the neophyte, a good album to own if only to see that there is so much more to this group than just Monotheist.

5.0 out of 5 stars Celtic Frost Fan Forever,
I’ve been a Celtic Frost fan ever since I heard the ‘Morbid Tales’ and I’ve been through all of their CDs and I compliment them on the subtle changes in their style of music, and I really think that it is best shown on this particular CD. Now this CD is not what I would consider a BEST OF but it does have some of their more popular songs like ‘Circle Of Tyrants’ and ‘Return To The Eve’ to name a few, but what I really enjoyed was the jam sessions and the songs that were cut from the CDs that they had released. I own every Celtic Frost CD that they have released and I constantly listen to them. I love Thomas G Warriors voice and I love the music that Celtic Frost creates.

5.0 out of 5 stars Underappreciated work
This anomaly in the band’s catalogue is a collection of rarities, re-recorded tracks, and unreleased songs from the band’s first era. This sort of project isn’t unheard of in band history’s, but it rarely bodes well for a top flight release. Instead, what fans and listeners often get instead is a hodgepodge of poorly sequenced inferior material that reeks of a cash-in. Not so with legendary European metal outfit Celtic Frost. This evocatively titled collection acts as an outstanding bookend on a chapter of the band’s story and, unintentionally or otherwise, cleared the decks for all that eventually followed. Even when they weren’t compelling, Celtic Frost have always been interesting. Highlights abound on this release.

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