Celtic Frost: Morbid Tales T-shirt.


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top to bottom 68 cm or 27 inches

arm pit to arm pit 53 cm or 21 inches.

Morbid Tales is the debut album by the Swiss extreme metal band, Celtic Frost. It was released in November 1984

Morbid Tales (1984)

“When me and Martin [Eric Ain, guitarist] formed Celtic Frost in the night of May 31 to June 1 of 1984, we sat down that night and we wrote down a very detailed framework of how we wanted the new band to be. We loved the heaviness of Hellhammer and we wanted to retain that, but on top of that we wanted to add much more sophistication and we wanted to have a band that accepts no limits musically or artistically. We didn’t want to be tied down by some clichés or scene conventions. Another factor that was really important, by that time the American metal wave was hitting Europe, and the bands that came from America were incredibly sophisticated in their playing. We knew we could never match that, but we still knew that we would have to compete with them and we knew we had to make an incredible effort to lift Morbid Tales technically beyond what Hellhammer had achieved. And all of these elements are crucial in understanding why Morbid Tales sounds the way it does compared to the Hellhammer EP that was recorded only a handful of months before. We wanted to have a band that would develop tremendously in between the albums. We were complete nobodies at the time. We were ridiculed by the media, and to think that the album we created in this situation became an album, that, 30-odd years later is still being played, that’s an immense honour for two complete outcast kids from Switzerland.”

Metalheads – even more than any other kinds of music fans – find it especially important to let friends and strangers know what they’re into. Band apparel can serve as a password of sorts at concerts (e.g. “Is this guy alright? …Yep, he’s wearing an uber-cool Celtic Frost shirt.”), and some items are cool enough to inspire passersby to check out the band without any further recommendation. It’s no wonder that band merchandise has been a huge part of the music industry since rock and roll, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal began.


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