CCC YOUTH: Walk on Water CD Christian metal choir CHECK AUDIO. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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“”CCC”” stands for “”Christian City Church Oxford Falls”” and this youth praise offshoot had earlier albums released under the name Receiver. The album itself is a mixed bag of praise and worship that skips between loud overdriven guitar on “”Everburn”” and the Hillsongs style ballad “”Jesus Come””. The best track is “”All For You”” which is a light trippy worship song in the style of Rebecca St James or Michelle Tumes and herein lays a weakness. There are a lot of amazing Australian Christian songwriters out there in a business where words are so important, from Roma Waterman and Michelle Tumes, through to the Newsboys or Paul Colman Trio that really challenge lyrically and are musically innovative. All this album has to offer is an awkwardly selected, almost random group of songs that do not really offer anything to get excited about. Modern praise and worship albums are strong when they are coherent in message and musical style, and this fails on both these counts.

1. Everburn
2. You Are
3. Reachdown
4. Walk On Water
5. Sing
6. Jesus Come
7. Drink
8. Just One
9. All For You
10. Lift My Spirit High
11. Meant To Be
12. Faithful
13. Shaken

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